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Abandoned Mineshaft
150px-Minecraft Mineshaft
An Abandoned Mineshaft


Generated Structure


Underground in All Biomes

First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

Abandoned Mineshafts are naturally Generated Structures that were added in Update 0.9.0 that form underground.


The Structure can be found in any Biome, but is placed underground which makes it a little harder to spot. The Mesa Mineshafts, found in the Mesa Biome, can spawn at the surface, making the entrance more visible.



Abandoned Mineshafts are long winding maze-like structures. They usually begin with a large Dirt room, with an arched roof, and continue into a long tunnel-type maze, with Fences and Oak Planks approximately every 4 Blocks

They will sometimes have Torches and Rails, along with large numbers of Cobwebs. Most Abandoned Mineshafts also contain Cave Spider Spawners. The Spawners are protected by many Cobwebs, making it harder to break.

As tunnels intersect there is also Oak Plank pillars supporting the upper tunnel, and Oak Planks in the floor and/or roof between the different tunnels.


Loot can be found in Minecarts with Chests that spawn in Abandoned Mineshafts. The Loot consists of items from 3 different groups each with their own distribution:

Name Weight Chance Count
Group 1 count: 1
Golden apple Golden Apple 20/71 28.2%  1
Golden apple Enchanted Golden Apple 1/71 1.4% 1
Name Tag Name Tag 30/71 42.3% 1
Enchanted Book (Minecraft) Enchanted Book 10/71 14.1% 1
Mcpeironpickaxe Iron Pickaxe 5/71 7.0% 1
Nothing 5/71 7.0%  
Group 2 count: 2-4
Ironingot Iron Ingot 10/83 12.0%  1-5
GOLD Gold Ingot 5/83 6.0% 1-3
Redstone (Dust) Redstone 5/83 6.0% 4-9
BlueDye Lapis Lazuli 5/83 6.0% 4-9
Diamond (Gem) Diamond 3/83 3.6% 1-2
CoalFinal Coal 10/83 12.0% 3-8
Bread Bread 15/83 18.1% 1-3
Melonseeds Melon Seeds 10/83 12.0% 2-4
Pumpkinseeds Pumpkin Seeds 10/83 12.0% 2-4
Beetroot Seeds Beetroot Seeds 10/83 12.0% 2-4
Group 3 count: 3
Rails Rails 20/50 40.0% 4-8
Powered rail Powered Rail 5/50 10.0% 1-4
DetectorRail Detector Rail 5/50 10.0% 1-4
ActivatorRail Activator Rail 5/50 10.0% 1-4
Torch Torch 15/50 30.0% 1-16

In addition to the loot found in Chests, the Mineshafts exposes the Ores of the surrounding Biome, making it a good place to mine.


  • Before Update 0.11.0, Abandoned Mineshafts contained Spider Spawners, due to Cave Spiders not being implemented.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts can occasionally be intersected by a Stronghold or a Dungeon.
  • Some areas of the Mineshaft are lit by torches, but not enough to stop Mobs from spawning.
  • Sometimes, part of the Mineshaft can be missing or on Fire due to a natural Lava stream.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts are not only very long, but they are deep, since they can go from sea level to Bedrock.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts are more likely to spawn the deeper underground the Player goes.
  • As of Update 0.14.0, Abandoned Mineshafts now have a chance to have a random Minecart with a Chest containing loot.
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