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The Armor Icon





Defense Points

1/2 Armor point = 1 Defense point



Armor is an Item introduced in Update 0.6.0. Armor is used to lower the amount of damage taken when worn. When the Player puts on armor, they will gain Defense Points. Each Armor Icon is worth 2 Defense Points.

The highest amount of defense points available (without enchanting) is 20, which can only be gained by wearing a full set of diamond armor.


From the weakest to the strongest - the order is as follows:

Chainmail is not craftable, but can be dropped by Armored Hostile Mobs. It may be possible to obtain Chainmail by Trading in a future update.


To craft any variant of armor, 24 pieces/ingots of the item are required. (Leather, Iron, Gold, or Diamond).

  • Helmet requires 5 ingots/pieces
  • Chestplate requires 8 ingots/pieces
  • Leggings requires 7 ingots/pieces
  • Boots requires 4 ingots/pieces

    The Armor GUI including a full set of Iron Armor.


Armor can protect the Player from:

  • Damage from Mobs
  • Lava/Fire Damage
  • Fall Damage
  • Projectile Damage
  • Explosion damage
  • Damage from other Players
  • Getting struck by Lightning
  • Cactus thorn damage

Armor cannot protect the Player from:


  • In the PC edition of Minecraft, Chainmail Armor can be crafted from unobtainable Fire Blocks.
  • Chainmail is the only Armor which cannot be crafted in PE.
  • After Update 0.12.1, Armor and other Tools can be enchanted.
  • Leather Armor is the only armor that can be Dyed.
  • Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Skeletons, Strays, Wither Skeletons, and rarely Zombie Villagers can spawn wearing armor, and have a minor chance to drop it upon death.
  • If Armor is placed in a Dispenser and is activated, the armor will automatically be placed on the Player if it is standing in a block the dispenser is facing into.
  • In Update 0.14.0, mobs wearing Enchanted Armor appeared to have their armor glowing purple.
    • This did not apply to the Player.
  • Various enchantments can only be applied to specific parts of the Armor.
  • Although it doesn't give any armor points, Pumpkin can be worn as a helmet.
  • The Player can automatically equip armor by holding it in their hands and holding the screen.
  • The Player can obtain Leather Boots by Fishing.

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