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The Armor GUI including a full set of iron armor.
KoiKageAdded by KoiKage
Armor is an item introduced in the 0.6.0 update. Armor is used to lower the amount of damage taken when worn.

When you put on armor, you are given Defence Points (like hearts but with armor) which are displayed in the top left next to hearts. The more you have - the less amount of damage you will take when attacked.

The maximum amount of defence points you can get is 20 (10 armor icons) which is only possible with a full set of diamond armor.

1/2 of Armor (icon) = 1 Defence Point

1 Whole Armor (icon) = 2 Defence Points

Armor (icon) - 2 Defence Points
Zachie150Added by Zachie150

From the weakest to the strongest - the order is as follows:

It is possible to obtain chainmail armor via an inventory editor.


To craft any variant of armor you need 24 of the materials. (Leather, Iron, Gold, or Diamond)

Helmet = 5 ingots/pieces

Chestplate = 8 ingots/pieces

Leggings = 7 ingots/pieces

Boots = 4 ingots/pieces


In the PC Minecraft, Chainmail Armor can be crafted from unobtainable Fire Blocks (which have to be hacked or modded into the game), providing armor that is slightly stronger than gold or leather, but it is rumored you can obtain chainmail by trading with villagers.

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