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An Arrow




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Update 0.3.3

Arrows are Items added in Update 0.3.3. They are used as ammunition for the secondary weapon, the Bow. Arrows can be crafted by the Player using a Crafting Table. They can also be dropped by Skeletons, along with Bones. They can also be found in Jungle Temple dispensers.


Arrows are ammunition for a bow.

They can also be shot out of a Dispenser just as they are from a bow.

An arrows damage is determined by its speed. The faster it goes, the more damage it causes.

When an arrow hits a mob, the arrow is irretrievable. However, an arrow will stick into a block it comes in contact with and will remain there for a minute before disappearing. If that block is destroyed, the arrow will fall straight down and damage the player or mob below it. An arrow will activate a Wooden Button, Wooden Pressure Plate, or Tripwire, and the switch will remain activated until the arrow disappears.

As of Update 0.15.0, arrows can be tipped with a Status Effect by tapping a Cauldron with a Potion in it. These sub-types of arrows are called Tipped Arrows.


1 Stick + 1 Feather + 1 Flint = 4 Arrows


  • Due to the fact that arrows are also dropped by Skeletons, some Players prefer to save the crafting ingredients and kill or farm Skeletons instead.
  • When shot from a bow, they have a fair amount of knockback as well.
  • Shot arrows do not affect Endermen, as they would teleport away right before the arrow touches them, but if the arrow is tipped, the Enderman will take the effect.
  • Fully charged arrows can deal a massive amount of damage (4 1/2 Heart Damage), enough to kill a Spider in two hits.
  • Arrows fired out of a dispenser do much less damage than when fully charged, and don't fly quite as far or fast.
  • Arrows are slower underwater, and in Lava. They also have a different, parabolic-like direction when shot underwater (as of Update 0.13.0).
  • If a Player shoots an arrow through lava, it will be set on fire. It will not be able to burn flammable materials.
    • The burning arrow will damage the mob and set it on fire for 4 seconds. It can also ignite TNT.
    • When a Skeleton is burning, it will shoot burning arrows.
    • Burning arrows can be extinguished with Splash Water Bottles.
    • A similar effect is created when an arrow is shot by a bow Enchanted with Flame.
  • The Player doesn't have to stack arrows if they have an Infinity Enchanted Bow.
  • Arrows shot by Skeletons cannot be picked up.
  • If the Player shoots an arrow at any floating Sand or Gravel blocks, the corresponding blocks will fall.
  • Dispensers have a bow as one of their Crafting ingredients, thus allowing them to launch these.

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