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Axe Anim
The 5 Types of Axes



First Appearance

Update 0.3.2



Axes are Tools used for chopping Wood-related Blocks and are the second most powerful Weapons, next to the Sword. The Axe is arguably the most versatile Tool, because of its medium effectiveness in all other aspects.

The slowest variant is the Wooden Axe and the fastest is the Golden Axe; the least durable is a Golden Axe and the most durable is a Diamond Axe.



  • The Diamond Axe is the strongest and second fastest Axe. It is also as powerful as an Iron Sword.
  • The Golden Axe is the fastest Axe, but only has 33 durability, like all Golden Tools.
  • Axes deal one less damage to Mobs than a Sword made from the same material. (e.g. an Iron Axe will do 3 hearts of damage, vs 3.5 hearts done by the Iron Sword)
    • As a result, Axes deal the same damage as a Sword type made from the lesser material, so, for example, an Iron Axe will do as much damage as a Stone Sword.
  • In "The Nether Update" (Update 0.12.1), Axes grew in power by getting more of a chance to give a critical blow.
  • Axes use the same Crafting materials as a Pickaxe but in a different arrangement.
  • With the Silk Touch Enchantment, Axes can be used to obtain Vines.
  • Axes can be Enchanted with Sharpness, Smite, or Bane of Arthropods along with the regular Tool enchantments.
  • Axes mine Pumpkins faster than any other tool.

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