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  • Floatingaxehead


    I am having substantial issues with logging in. Wikia no longer recognizes my password, and claims that "Wikia no longer recognizes [my] credentials." As a result, I have had to use the rediculously obscure one they provided me to log in and post this message. I don't get why this is happening, since I have not changed my password recently. If anyone else is having these issues, please respond. 

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  • John1Knight

    I was testing to see if which is taller, the zombie, the zombie villager or the husk and well, remember how baby zombies ride animals and other hostile mobs when they detect a player? Well, from what I can learned, I'm guessing they can...   Now, not only does this jockey inflict hunger, but it's as fast as a mob sprinting!!

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  • XxMarioLover23xX

    Minecraft Battle Mode has been released for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS Vita (didn't know this was a version), and Wii U!

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  • Undertale sans x frisk

    So far I have went roller blading played with a Bunny and a Goat watched anime played video games and watched youtubers listened to music also went fishing so I had a boring summer so far 

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  • MicaSmash

    Tweets From Tommaso:

    June 21, 2016 by MicaSmash

    Tuesday, June 20, 2016

    Hey, Wikians!

    Here is YESTERDAY's Tweets from Tommaso.

    (I haven't felt well recently, so I haven't done my blog posts, though thankfully Tommaso hasn't posted any tweets recently except for yesterday)

    1. Tommaso once again mentions custom Resource Packs!

    This was the only tweet posted yesterday. Hopefully Tommaso will post more soon!


    MicaSmash (Contact Me)

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  • PotatoPlayer

    Good file unloader

    June 20, 2016 by PotatoPlayer

    OK,  I've been working on a Redstone Map and I don't know a good file uploader. Now I know about Media Fire and Dropbox but it seems I can only do it if I'm connected to a computer, so I'd rather want one that works on mobile. If you know any,  please comment it.

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  • MasterOfMelons

    Guys I was playing hypixel and....I GOT A KILL IN SKYWARS!! For me guys it's really difficult because I'm a noob at MCPC (total noob don't even know how to craft well).

    So listen how the story went.

    We spawned in our islands. I got my armor and stuff from the chests and started watching the other islands. I suddenly saw a guy coming to my island and I got panicked! But my friend told me to attack him and I dared it and beat him! The battle though was hard. I tried at first protecting my island but it didn't really worked. Then I got my sword and went to fight him. He had better armor and could easily beat me. He started building a bridge to my island. I started too when we met. Luckily he was looking down and didn't see me at first. I starte…

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  • MasterOfMelons

    I hate 0.15.0!

    June 18, 2016 by MasterOfMelons

    (That's my opinion pls remember that thx)

    Hello guys. Just wanted to inform you that so far I am hating 0.15.0

    I have some reasons.

    1) I can't login in every server it disconnects me every time!

    2) Every time I try to log on that xbox thing it doesn't let me!

    3) That leaves me in singleplayer only but the bad thing is I am terribly bad with redstone and the update is mainly redstone. Horse ehh ok I got bored of them. The point is it's really boring in singleplayer....

    Anyways that's for now. Byeeee!!

    (Again my opinion)

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  • NPCVillager


    June 17, 2016 by NPCVillager

    This Is My Own Custom Poem

    Oh Pumpkins Oh Pumpkins I Cannot Eat You But I Can Enjoy You.

    Oh Pumpkins Oh Pumpkins I Can Wear You To Keep My Secrets

    Oh Pumpkin Oh Pumpkin I Love You Too.

    When I See You I Mine You And Wear You Too

    Then Of To A Village I Go The To Loot Them With You On My Head.

    On My Stand In My Cobble House Waiting For The Next Time We Go Out.

    Anything With Pump I Love And Anything With Kin I Like.

    Oh Pumpkin  Oh Pumpkin I Love You So.

    Signed NPCVillager

    Comment How I Did!!!!

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  • MicaSmash

    Tweets Reminder

    June 17, 2016 by MicaSmash

    Tommaso Checchi does not post tweets everyday, so there may not be a blog everyday. Also, sometimes he posts tweets that have nothing to do with MC:PE, I will NOT be posting those. 

    I shall only post tweets from Tommaso that are MC:PE related.


    MicaSmash (Contact Me)

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  • Deep-Fried Derp of Illuminati

    Well, looks like "The Friendly Update" has come out. 

    This is nothing really, I'm just kind of sad that they didn't release 0.15.0 on iOS 7. I know it's not strong enough to handle it and all, but still.

    I was just kind of planning to sync my Minecraft Pocket Edition with Xbox, but there's no more chance of that happening anymore. So do you think I should switch to Minecraft Windows 10 Beta? Let me know in the comments.


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  • StarLady19

    Quick blog! Quick blog! Quick blog! (Help meh)

    Hi guys. This will just be a quick blog (and I had to say it four times. Geez, Star). But anyways! School has started and as it says above: graduation. So yeah, you kinda know what's up now. I'm graduating this year and I'd really like to get my high grades back as I used to have (miserably failed last year). So quick messages to certain people:

    MissUnicorny and Viperinelight50, I noticed that you had asked me a week/weeks ago that you wanted to help, and  I had already accepted. Thanks BTW :)

    SpongeCraft, cousin, if you're ever here, if you're ever using your many, many accounts, please try to cooperate with the people here in the wiki. I don't want to return and find that you have done it again…

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  • RealBlueNinja

    Hey guys! This is my first ever blog post. Today, or this early 3:59 a.m morning, I have just finished off creating a spectacular map that has 5 Redstone builds that would be useful. The map files are just about ready to submit to MCPEDL soon. Here is a preview of the map...

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  • Sparklyeyes

    Hey everyone. Beanie here. I will not be here for a while. Tommorow is my birthday and my Friend Go is coming over. We will hang out the whole day. That night we are going to the finding Dory premier. Then we will go to sleep. The next day me and Gi are going to the mall. Then I need to pack. I also need to go to bed early because I am leaving at 5:00 AM because me and my family are going on vacation. I'm driving there so most of the time I won't have internet. We are staying at hotels. They might have internet. I promise as soon as I get home if I'm not tired I'm going straight on here to catch up on everything I've missed.

    Thanks for understanding.

              Beanie 😿

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  • MicaSmash

    Hey, Wikians!

    Here is today's,

    Tweets From Tommaso

    1. Tommaso makes a JOKE about 0.16.0 and its "Release Date".

    2. Resouce Packs are currently being worked on by Tommaso!

    Pirate voices, anyone? :D

    Remember, Tommaso doesn't put out all his tweets at the same time, so I will edit this blog as more edits come out. I will also make a new blog everyday.

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  • MissUnicorny

    More Seed Guides?

    June 15, 2016 by MissUnicorny

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to know if you think I should another seed guide like my Mimi one. I want to do all the new village types and a jungle temple. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.

    Bye for now, Missie

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  • MicaSmash


    June 14, 2016 by MicaSmash

    Hey, MC:PE Wikians!

    Since Tommaso Checchi is one of  the main inputs for the Wikia's info on MC:PE and its updates, I've decided to post the links to his tweets on a daily basis in blog posts. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: Tommaso isn't the ONLY developer who puts out tweets. The thing is, Tommaso has lately put out MORE tweets concerning MC:PE than the others. Besides which, I can't do them all, so I'm just doing Tommasso's.

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  • RedstoneDemigod

    This is just a quick announcement and a question

    1. My one year Minecraft PE Wikiversary is on the 30th of June😊 Hooray for one whole year of waiting and praying for updates to come, and for checking the wiki every hour for news:-)
    2. One of my worlds has a corrupted chunk that crashes my game every time i get close to it. It really stinks since i cant test out the new features in my favourite world. I recently updated the game to 0.15.0 ( i mean, who hasnt right?) and the problem only started after that. My worlds are backed up. If anyone has any suggestions of how to fix it without deleting the world, I would really appreciate it. 

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  • Thecoolestcoolcat


    June 14, 2016 by Thecoolestcoolcat

    so I heard that 0.15.0 is out and i am sooo0oooo jelous, becuase my tablet broke a week ago,

    BUT, i know how to play mcpe; by getting a ps4/ps3 remote and conect it to my amazon fire tv( I already bought it on my tablet so its on the fire tv) 

    only one problem. I have to wait like 2-5 days to get it. You are probobly thinking 2-5 days thats no trouble but to me its 2-5 weeks. so ill tell you guys when i can play agian

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  • Infurnofic


    June 13, 2016 by Infurnofic


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  • Salemander5000


    Today MCPE 0.15.1 came out.

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  • XxMarioLover23xX

    Hi guys! MarioLover23 here with more updates for Minecraft. These features aren't confirmed for PS3, PS4, or Wii U currently. Update 0.15.0 just added Realms. Well Xbox 360 and Xbox One will get Realms. That sounds cool. But do you know what's cooler? THESE EDITIONS GET CROSS-PLAY FOR REALMS! If you don't know what that means, that means these editions can play together. For example, someone playing PE can play with someone playing Xbox One on Minecraft Realms. Isn't that cool? It will be released later this year. My references are just down below.


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  • Timmaster12d4

    New Wiki

    June 13, 2016 by Timmaster12d4

    I have created a new wiki for game items (hence the name Game Items Wikia)


    Hope you can join!! (we need help!!!!!)


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  • Wither28

    Hey g-- CUT THE INTRO WHO CARES I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep! I passed with 96% total.

    Not only that, but now I have to find a job but what's better than an MCPE Dev?

    For now, I have to move back to the UK On the world's most boring and long flight (Texas-->London, 22 hrs).

    What should I get for a job? (Thinkin' of a mcpe dev)

    I updated my sig! how do you like it?

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  • Thecoolestcoolcat


    June 12, 2016 by Thecoolestcoolcat

    A couple days ago my kindle wouldent turn on so i cant play mcpe and i cant go on the mcpe server but i will tell you when i can play agian :(

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  • Viperinelight50


    June 12, 2016 by Viperinelight50

    I'm in serious pain right now. I bought a cup of tea from the bar at my local bowling alley and guess what? I seriously burnt my mouth. Apparently, the bartender FORGOT to put milk in my tea, so I was basically drinking a cup of boiling water with a tea bag in it.

    So, I paid £1.75 to get a blistered tongue. Screw you, Bowlplex!

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  • Rarest of the pepes

    Here is a quiz to test your knowledge about me. Let's start off with some minecraft questions.

    1. What is my favorite wood?
    2. What food do I prefer?
    3. What is my favorite Server on MCPE?
    4. How many diamond blocks do I have?
    5. What am I most excited for for 0.15.0?
    6. Do I like animals or Monsters better?
    7. What animal do I not kill for meat and why?
    8. Am I an Ios or Android User?
    9. What Device do I play the Pocket edition on?
    10. What Biome am I having Trouble finding? ( 3 Possible Answers )
    11. How Many saddles do I have from fishing in a river near my base?

    No time for some real questions. Don't look at my user page. That would be cheating

    1. Where do I live?
    2. What is my favorite food?
    3. What is my favorite animal? ( It's a really tough question )
    4. What is my favorite topping on pizza?
    5. Wh…

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  • Viperinelight50

    If you watch my videos, you will know what the summer series is, but if you don't, here's some information.

    My Summer Series is called "Tea Break". It's about 4 men who really hate their jobs at their office. The only highlight of their day is the Tea Break. But of course, there is over 250 people at an office so things get pretty crazy. And it just so happens, all of these incidents cut into their break! 

    This series is entirely animated and edited by me. Unfortunately, I am a rubbish voice actor, so the voices sound like dying men.

    I will post updates, trailers and extra footage as well, so you'll not be bored on my channel.

    The scheduled release date for Episode 1 is planned to be released on July 14th, and then 4 more episodes will come ou…

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  • XxMarioLover23xX

    In one of my most recent blog posts I posted about updates for all of the Minecraft editions. Well today I'm posting about the console editions. Recently, @Minecraft just tweeted the release date for Minecraft Battle Mode. It will be released on June 21, 2016. That's the first day of Summer. You will be able to play this on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Wii U! Get ready to play #Minecraft #BattleMode! Here's some references to the release date.

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  • Viperinelight50

    I have lived through lots of struggles. From moving to a new area  to an argument with the teacher.

    I thought about this very hard. 2 days ago, I posted "A message to all Wikians". I was very negative about my life and myself. So, today I decided to post a blog on how I make myself happy.

    If I get insulted or harassed by somebody, I like talking it out with a responsible person. This helps me calm down during such events.

    If something offensive/upsettinf happens, like getting rejected or overlooked, I enjoy listening to and/or singing my favourite songs (my favourite song is "Amazed" by LoneStar).

    If I feel like a failure, for instance I come last in an event and the winner lords their victory over me, I like to draw cartoons and show them to …

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  • FoxStar25

    Hello Everyone!

    June 10, 2016 by FoxStar25

    Hello everyone! I'm FoxStar25, Darthwikia25's brother. I love playing Minecraft PE and other games like Roblox. I love watching YouTube videos and love DanTDM- he's so cool! I'm also probably the only one who can beat Darth at chess >:)

    I hope I will have a great time here with you awesome people. Peace out! 


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  • Viperinelight50

    Hello ladies and gentlemen (and aliens),

    I just wanted to let you know about my YouTube channel, and what I do.

    I have 16 subscribers (I am overwhelmed at the support I receive) at the moment.

    My YouTube channel is of course, called Viperinelight50. I make LEGO stop motion films. Of course, I'm not the best animator because I've only been doing animation for a year but I am gradually getting better.

    My recent videos-

    Summer Series: REVEALED! I share the information on my fortnightly series beginning in the Summer and also reveal my voice.

    Viperinelight50 Archives | Construction Fail- The first episode of Viperinelight50 Archives (where I upload all the old films from my PC). A construction worker slacks off his job and it all goes crazy from the…

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  • Viperinelight50

    Whoever you are, wherever you're from. I have a message for you. Not a complaint, nor a compliment. It's not a task, or a rant. It's not a question, it's not an answer.

    It's a message from the desk of ROBERT H DRUMMOND!!!

    If you know me, I can get a bit (very) angry at times. I can be really disrespectful.

    This is because I am autistic. 

    Since the second I was diagnosed, I have been different. I lost all my self esteem and confidence.

    Before I got diagnosed, I was a normal person. I had lots of friends, I loved to speak out loud and life couldn't be better.

    Now, I feel like my mind is an empty box. I no longer have as many friends. I hate speaking aloud and I think life would be better without me being present.

    really like all of the users on t…

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  • XxMarioLover23xX

    2,500 Edits

    June 8, 2016 by XxMarioLover23xX

    I've completed another goal! I've edited 2,500 times on this Wiki. Thank you for supporting me. I can't believe I've made it this far.

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  • Pigman0439

    Hello everyone, it is Pigman here, and I would just like to ask this of anyone who sees this thread and currently runs Beta testing for 0.15.0. If, they could take pictures of the features that will be coming to the update, because I was planning on making an Update 0.15.0 Video for my channel and I need pictures of 0.15.0's features. So, any pictures posted in the comments below will have a chance of being featured in my upcoming Update 0.15.0 video!

    (Thanks for reading)


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  • PotatoPlayer

    Just asking, I'm on a kindle fire, but if I unistall MCPE, will I lose my worlds? I'm just asking if I do.

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  • FluffyTheManDog

    We all have projects going on in Minecraft. So how about we tell people about them. Go ahead tell us what you call your world and give a brief description.

    Example: Minecraft PE: Who's your daddy? It's a Minecraft PE version of the popular pc game: Who's your daddy?

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  • EliannaEviris


    June 5, 2016 by EliannaEviris

    Hello guys! 

    As the title says, I will be leaving.

    I may not be on between 6/5/16- 6/9/16-6/10/16.

    I am going on Vacation to Morro Bay, CA, north of San Luis Obispo, and south of San Simeon, the location of the famous Hearst Castle. 

    01:02, June 5, 2016 (UTC) Read more >
  • PotatoPlayer

    Anyone having extreme crashing issues on the survival server? Right now, whenever I try to get on, it says that the server is "whitelisted".

    EDIT: Now its taking me to the main wiki server. Plz help.

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  • PotatoPlayer

    The title pretty much explains everything.

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  • Viperinelight50

    MCPE Song?

    June 4, 2016 by Viperinelight50


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  • Viperinelight50

    I'm adopting a dog! Yay! Life couldn't be better!

    Okay. *calms down*. My awesome parents have put in an application to adopt a beautiful 2 year old greyhound called Ben. He has black fur, with white tufts on it. He is a very calm dog, who is very good with young children and older ones (well, that's what the website said. We still need to visit him and get our application approved). 

    Before I explode with excitement (new house, new school, new dog) here's a picture of Ben.

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  • Zombie Jockey of MCPE

    I'm actually sorry I did not tell you that I was 12 years old before, but now I am 13 years old - old enough to be on the wiki. I did not know before that I had to be at least 13 years old.

    I actually have a camp, so I may not be active for the next few days.

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  • Wither28

    1 year on the wiki

    June 3, 2016 by Wither28

    May 4th 2016 marked a year on the wiki for me. I remember when I was at 0 edits, and now I have over 1,200.

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  • XxMarioLover23xX

    1. It's a new month! June! Yay! It's getting close to Summer vacation! Woo hoo! #TooManyExclamationPoints

    2. It's been 9 months since I've joined. Thank you guys for supporting me!

    3. The main part of this blog post. So every edition of Minecraft will have a new update this year. First off, as you guys know PE is getting Update 0.15.0. Lots of cool stuff. Second off, console editions will get Battle Mode. It's for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U! Look it up, some of the futures look great. And PC editions of Minecraft will get Update 1.10. It looks cool. So check that also. 

    4. That's it of my blog post. Get ready for summer and play some Minecraft! Good bye. 🙋

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  • Mrdave921

    1,000 edits

    June 1, 2016 by Mrdave921

    I've made 1,000 edits! :D

    Note: By the time I make this blog post, I will have 1,002 edits.

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  • Clowerst778

    mcpe 0.15.0

    June 1, 2016 by Clowerst778

    Guess how many beta builds 0.15.0 will have when its realsed. you can be 1-2 off to get it correct. This page is currently but still guess

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  • Seththeslayer1


    May 31, 2016 by Seththeslayer1


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  • PotatoPlayer

    I need help on the new wiki craft survival server. For some reason, I can't lock my chests from other players. Today, I filled a chest with snowballs. Now those snowballs are all gone. People also reckt my floor and stole my coal. I've been trying to do the way I'm supposed to, putting the the chest on claimed land, which I'm doing, but it won't work. Please help ASAP. 

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  • StarLady19

    Hi! Star again with another blog post for you! Hope you enjoy your day, espacially at night!

    I finally made my new wiki called the By-Your-Side Wikia! I'm so exited to make this a full community! If you don't know about this, you can look at my previous blog post called New Wiki Opinion (Please). So far I customized a few badges, made the rules, and also made Chapter 1 on my first story called Never Alone. Check it out on the new wiki!

    Note: Please do not edit ANYTHING on the wiki. I'm still working on it.

    Thank you for sticking around! You can check out my new wiki with Have a wonderful day, or night!

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