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  • Rith4life

    Life Update

    March 29, 2017 by Rith4life

    Hello everyone! Recently, I'm sure many of you have noticed that I've been inactive. I'm confident Darth, Redstone, Pigman, and Mithrandir, as our active staff, have been handling the wiki very well for the past few days. On my part, I've been very inactive and neglected quite a few of my duties, such as the implementation of the format policy on pages. I apologize to all for this. As I reach the end of the school year, the workload is starting to increase.

    I also noticed my contributions after I was promoted to administrator. Shockingly, I was much more active as a discussions moderator than as an admin. I'm not completely sure what this means, but what I do know is that I need to increase my activity on the wiki.

    Once again, I do apologize…

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  • PvPMaster2001

    500 Edits

    March 29, 2017 by PvPMaster2001

    Hey there guys, just a quick blog post by PvPMaster2001 to inform you guys of a couple of things. First of all, I just got 500 edits, 503 to be exact, the first wiki I have done so on. So yay for me. Of those, most are board thread edits, but I have a decent amount of mainspace in there too. Also, I will be semi-inactive for the next few days as I am going on a trip to Alexandria City, Virginia, to see my recently born cousin. She is 1 week old as of today, if I am not mistaken. Not sure why any of you would care about my semi-inactivity, but just a thing to throw in there. So, um, good-bye until next time, I suppose.

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  • ISharkyShark

    Hello Everybody! With the confermation of Parrots coming to Minecraft, and as promised in an eariler My Opinion post, I will be reviewing Parrots and Mending.

    Parrots: I think Parrots are a great addition to Minecraft! It has been absolutly ages since a bird type was added to vanilla (Currently, the only tecnical "bird" in Minecraft is the Chicken). Also, Jungles have not had anything added to them since Jungle Temples and Ocolots were added. Mojang also made them very realistic in real life, in the sense of that, assuming this happens when tamed (confermed), they sit on your shoulder (like pirate captains often had in movies, or maybe real life) and they imitate the sounds of mobs around them! That makes me wonder what their own sound is l…

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  • XxMarioLover23xX

    Hello everyone! On Minecraft Console there will be a new minigame called Glide! It's an Elytra race minigame. There are 2 modes. Time Attack where you try to beat the best time. And something else where you go through Emerald, Gold, and Diamond rings to try to get the best score. Also, for Battle, 16 players will be able to play (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only). And also, there will be a new lobby for all of the minigames (Battle, Tumble, Glide) with even more secrets! And one last thing, is there will be 2 new skin packs I believe (I think Power Rangers and they haven't announced the other one). But guess when all of this comes? Tomorrow! I hope (if you have a Console) enjoy this! =D

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  • SRankDude

    Bye Bye!

    March 26, 2017 by SRankDude

    As I'm off. My device will be sent in for repair. I'll hopefully see you guys again on April 20. Wish for me that the device can be repaired.

    The last of SRankDude in March...

    SRankDudewall 21:24, March 26, 2017 (UTC)

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  • PvPMaster2001

    Note: This blog was created with the permission of Darthwikia25.

    Hello everyone, this is PvPMaster2001, with my first blog post on my Wiki. Before I say anything, this blog post was created with the permission of Darthwikia25. Today I am advertising my Wiki, the Minecraft Servers Wiki. The Wiki is about all Minecraft Servers and Minigames. The URL is We have staff positions available, so just visit the Wiki and comment on my or HerobrineAC0318's walls if you are interested. We are currently in need of users and pages, so if you know anything about Minecraft servers or minigames, you can come and help. Even if you don't, you can help with coding, since I need a bit of help with making templates and all that. So, …

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  • JustJuuno

    This guide is dedicated to those who are trying to make their own villages with their own custom trades. This is very functional to MCPE 1.0.5 and it is safe, but it will take you a long time to code it.

    ▪ Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.0.5

    ▪ Adept knowledge of Commands

    ▪ Awareness of errors and command implementation (recommended)

    ▪ Command Blocks (any type)

    ▪ Note that if you summon a villager with a non-existent Career (such as 2/2), this will crash the game because the Villager won't have any offers.

    ▪ Always type in what the code is shown in some of the examples.

    ▪ It is recommended to use Command Blocks instead of using the Chat.

    ▪ Be sure to check out my other blog - Villager Careers Guide - for further info concering the Careers of your custo…

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  • Stephen Agaloos

    Hi, is me Stephen aka Mushy.

    I was gone for many months cause of 0.15.0 Update cause my device (iPad 1) is not supported at that update.

    So a stopped visiting MCPE Wikia since April or June (maybe) I don't remember what date did 0.15.0 release, but anyway since February 2017 I got new device so I can play MCPE Latest Version. Not only that when came to this website no more lags or crash happened to my device, so I have no problem at all! I'm back and nice to meet you all and new people in this Wikia, so many things had changed!!!

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  • Just An Assassin's Creed Addict

    Hey there, guys! You've probably noticed my recent inactivity. I am a bit busy lately, so I won't be active as much anymore for a bit. I'll come online as soon as I'm available, just letting you know! See you!

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  • Celetheawesome

    Top 5 Pokémon

    March 22, 2017 by Celetheawesome

    My Top 5 Pokémon:

    5. Greninja

    4. Decidueye

    3. Sylveon

    2. Delphox

    and one...

    Aromatisse!! She's so lovely. And cool. I mean, Fairy type is bad@%$!!

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  • ISharkyShark

    Hello Everybody! Due to a tweet Jeb sent, I decided to do a My Opinion blog post, telling you what I think about Shields, and Banners, due to you being able to combine Banners and Shields.

    Shields: I absolutly love Shields! Shields replaced the ability to block swords in 1.9 (Combat Update), and blocked a large amount of damage that a player would usually take alone. I think the best enchantments for Shields would be Mending (will have My Opinion on in future)Unbreaking, and, if possible, Thorns. In order to cope with the difficulties of a touch screen, I was thinking on adding a 'Block' button when using, whether in right hand or left hand. I also think Shields would be great for PVP servers, or just PVP. Plus, the ability to bear your cod…

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  • PotatoPlayer

    1 Year on the Wiki

    March 21, 2017 by PotatoPlayer

    I can't believe it's been that long. 

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  • SRankDude

    Hey! As of the 27th of March, I'll be taking a wiki break. I'll come back in about 1-3 weeks. Expect 2 or 3 weeks. Please, wish me luck. Staff, if you have an election coming up, can you please delay it?

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  • Rowletbeak

    Short inactivity

    March 20, 2017 by Rowletbeak

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to say that I'm having a short Wikia break.

    I'll only be gone for about 4 days.

    Sometimes it's good just to 'get away from the keyboard' as it were.

    See you all later :)

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  • SRankDude


    March 19, 2017 by SRankDude

    Hey! Want to know what I'm so excited for? Sonic Forces!

    It's releasing on Holiday 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, if anyone's wondering. Check some footage.

    I hope the "S Rank" is still there.

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  • TheGreatPapyrus2

    my youtube

    March 18, 2017 by TheGreatPapyrus2

    hello! i would like you to visit my youtube channel. it has always been my dream to be a minecraft youtuber. please help me achieve this goal! thank you!

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  • Mferragamo22

    I Have Recovered.

    March 18, 2017 by Mferragamo22

    I posted a blog post about how I was depressed and what happend to me. I just wanted everyone to know that I am ok now. We rebuilt our house to my dream house and I gota new cat that i love. my life turned around. Thanks everyone for support.  I really do appreciate it. Thanks again  

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  • ISharkyShark

    Hello Everybody! This is my opinion on the new feature of being able to dye beds all different colors, other than red, without texture packs, and on Command Blocks. I think it is a very nice feature for building in creative mode, or for use in servers, or PVP teams (Team Blue, Team Yellow, etc.) The one down side is that in survival mode, if you want a classic red bed, you have to get red wool to make it, I assume. Also, making a bed out of many different types of wool is impossible. Now, onto Command Blocks. I am all pro for Command Blocks, mainly for executing Commands much faster than typing in Creative Mode. It is also good for servers. Thanks!

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  • SRankDude


    March 15, 2017 by SRankDude

    Hi! I am a brand old user to this wiki. OK, aside from jokes, look at this:

    "I don't need a sword."

    "You fool! Where ever there is light there will always be shadow.

    Unless if my light is bright enough!"

    How do they make you feel?

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  • Rowletbeak


    March 14, 2017 by Rowletbeak

    Note: This blog was not meant for offensive purposes. This is just my personal opinion and isn't endorsed by anyone. As I said, please do not take offence at this.

    Hello everyone!

    In the last few elections, staff have been promoted. Now this has caused some......debate. Let me put it into perspective.Some of these staff members have maintained their position for a long time without promotion and have been here for sometimes years. So...personally, I think they are highly deserving of promotion.

    But at the end of the day, our staff are amazing and are highly deserving of our respect. So... I'd like to say thank you to......








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  • Peachtree1


    March 12, 2017 by Peachtree1

    What is your favorite biome?

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  • Clowerst778

    Yo whats your favorite command on minecraft platform ever! Please comment down bellow!

    See you all next time!

    Check me out on youtube:

    Clowerst778 (talk) 14:49, March 11, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Wolfboy231

    Other Favorite Games

    March 9, 2017 by Wolfboy231

    So, I know (almost) everyone here plays MCPE. But, Its not the only game that exists. There are other games we play, so, What are they? I personally like Telltales Walking Dead Game, and Minecraft Story Mode, But what are yours?

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  • SRankDude

    Wiki Portal

    March 9, 2017 by SRankDude

    If anyone wants to know, I am making a wiki portal. This is two things. They are shared by the same name while not related. Please contact me for more information.

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  • Peachtree1


    March 8, 2017 by Peachtree1

    What's your favorite mob?

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  • HerobrineAC0318

    2 Months

    March 7, 2017 by HerobrineAC0318

    Hello everyone! Today (for me) is my 2nd month here. To be exact, I joined the wiki about 2 months, 5 hours, and 30 minutes ago. It's not something too big, but I just want to share it with you. In fact, I'm about to get the Dedicated achievement. (Is it Devoted or Dedicated?)

    • Time : 2 months, 5 hours, and 30 minutes ago (as of March 7, 2017 21:06:40
    • Edits : 900 Edits
    • Mainspace Edits : 189 Mainspace Edits
    • Talk Edits : 73 Talk Edits
    • User Edits : 97 User Edits
    • File Edits : 9 File Edits
    • User Blog Comments : 18 User Blog Comments
    • Thread Edits : 129 Thread Edits
    • Message Wall Greeting Edits : 7 Message Wall Greeting Edits
    • Board Thread Edits : 375 Board Thread Edits
    • Archived Revisions : 2 Archived Revisions

    Thank you so much for reading this. I hope I can stay here for 1…

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  • Zombie Jockey of MCPE

    Since March 2, 2016 I have been contributing on the wiki and have come to realise how close this community is. New members are welcomed and old ones will not be forgotten.

    My recent inactivity is because of school and life changes. 

    Hope you all are having a great day!

    Editor | Zombie Jockey of MCPE | Message Wall | Active Read more >
  • SRankDude

    Hey all! Don't frown. Be happy! Why? Because well, it's my one year anniversary on this wiki. Yeah! March 16... Well. There's not much to say, I was just trying to make you happy. Bye!

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  • Rowletbeak


    March 5, 2017 by Rowletbeak

    Hello everyone!

    If anyone wants their profile fixed or altered, I can do it. I have some knowledge on coding and might be able to help you.

    Please leave a comment down below if you need help!

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  • Wither13

    I changed my profile picture to something a bit different but if anyone has a cooler suggestion for one that has a wither boss in it please send me a link.

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  • HeyItsKayliKat

    My View

    March 4, 2017 by HeyItsKayliKat

    Okay,we have all for the most part seen  this

    I think I have a right to explain my side or whatever one this.

    Yeah I wanted VVG blocked for a bit, because I was angry, but not once did I say I wanted him to leave.Yeah we hated each other during the shinai thing, but a few days after the shinai thing, we apoligized to each other in live chat, And went our seperate ways. So we were in peace for a while. I even backed him up in a blog (Its in one for SRankDude's blog.)

    Then the 3DPG people came. I dont know who they irl, if someone says they are suicidal, my urge is to try and help. So TPG comes, I talked with her, The next day...came the messages on twitter which are posted on Rith's wall.

    I didn't want him to leave, and I know people will be am…

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  • Mferragamo22

    Im Very Depressed

    March 4, 2017 by Mferragamo22

    I need help. Everything is going wrong for me. My cat just died about 2 days ago. And just to make it better, my house got destroyed by a tornado last night. I just dont know what to do. Could people please help me. I just went through the ruble and found my dead dog. :((((((((((((  *crying a little* Can u people give me suggestions on how to cope. Please :((((     for now im just gona search the ruble for memories.  Thank you people. U all are my friends 

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  • HeyItsKayliKat

    Okay, so with wikicraft. Bbagee is not leaving.

    I thought she was......but shes not but, I do wish she was because she overuses her powers but dbl made his decisions.

    If anyone sees any wc acting up or doing things like advertising or ignoring their duty, please let me know.


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  • SRankDude

    It could horrify you. It could make you sad. It could make you feel mad. Vendetta is leaving. Please staff, if you are seeing this, please check this.


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  • Wolfboy231

    Some Ideas

    March 3, 2017 by Wolfboy231

    Now that thw rudeness has seemed to ended, I have another blog!

    Grian explained some ideas he has for Minecraft. The two I like, are Colored Redstone Lamps, and Side Slabs.

    Now, Most of you are thinking, "But Wolf, they are SOOOOO unminecrafty, they would ruin the game!"

    Side Slabs will be useful for building. What if you wanted to build a window, using stairs, but it looks weird, Then Fix it using SIDE SLABS.

    Now, Colored Redstone Lamps will be useful for Redstoners, Builders, Anything in general. A Redstoner may use it for labeling different circuits. And builders can use it for lightinh up Citys.

    Thats my explanation, but there is many more uses.

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  • HeyItsKayliKat


    March 3, 2017 by HeyItsKayliKat

    Hey guys,Kayli here. 

    So for those who were on wikicraft last night know what I will be talkung about. I guess I should apologize for flipping out. Just wiki craft is stressing me out. As some may know Dbl informed staff or something that really bothers me and others. That was, if I leave the server, wikicraft will be sold to some random owner, and pretty much will be gone. I don't want that to happen.

    So I came up with something.

    I won't leave, but I won't be as active. I have other servers I work on and the one I wasn't even there for the beta opening, even though, I'm a social media manager there. But I will stay, but I need to make a promise, that I won't freak out again. I'm just stressed and none of you deserved that and I promise, I wo…

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  • SRankDude

    New Signature!

    March 2, 2017 by SRankDude

    Hello! Rank here with a new signature. Please post your opinions. Nice and simple, right?

    SRankDudewall 03:50, March 2, 2017 (UTC)

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  • ISharkyShark

    Hello Everybody! Has anyone noticed that the Seed Picker has more options for you to choose? I did not know they added more Seed Picker options until I went on the Seed Picker myself. I have no idea when they was officially added, so could someone tell me if they know?

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  • MissUnicorny

    Hey everyone,

    Well, firstly I'm back! Hopefully, I don't get overloaded with tests but only time will tell. Secondly, my one of my IRL besties, coolminer5200, is on the wiki so I can teach him to code. Please be nice to him (Even if his spelling sucks :p) 

    Welp, that's all.


    MissUnicorny(talk) 16:00, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Coolminer5200

    Hi I'm coolminer5200 but u can call me JT totes and im a friend of missy unicorn

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  • HeyItsKayliKat


    February 28, 2017 by HeyItsKayliKat

    Okay, I really wanted to thank everyone here, for just being all out supprotive and nice. I'm always smiling on here or dieing of laughter. 

    I did have my tablet taken away just because my dad wants me to have a break. But everyone on here has been supportive. My discord server is lit as always and you guys have made me feel sweet with all the kind words. So thank you everyone! And here we go to the future......(Mirai Made) 

    -Kayli Kat out flying into outer space while pooping out a rainbow.

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  • Wolfboy231


    February 28, 2017 by Wolfboy231

    I need a break. I feel that im not safe around the rudeness (Not pointing fingers). I might come back to check on the Wiki and Reply to Megastory but thats all. If you need me, use Discord or Check My Favorite Wikis. (Im also on the MCSM Wiki)

    Thats all for now. Hopefully the problem is solved. Wolf OUT!

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  • Just An Assassin's Creed Addict

    Polls are released on Mondays.

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  • Internet explorer 6

    Well, I don't have much to say about this, but I was on my school computer, bored after finishing all my work and I opened the games folder in my program manager and this is the first thing I saw.

    So naturally I was pretty happy, but when I clicked on it this was the next thing I saw...

    I still feel silly, but I thought why not share this. Not surprised if no one sees this :|

    Great way to end a Monday.

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  • Just An Assassin's Creed Addict

    If you have the time, Sonic/SRankDude is hosting a Skywars event on Lifeboat Survival Games. You can sign up for it here, and the deadline is March 2, so you'd better hurry if you want to participate!

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  • MarioMakerMinecraft

    Well let get start by the name change and my active level which is mainly inactive by a few reasons.

    1.School (Very Busy during Monday-Friday. 5 days per weeks until May)

    2.Lack of updates and news for MCPE (1.0 and higher. There is no hype before Ender Update. So that why I been inactive)

    3.Social Media

    4.Games (Lately I been playing games beside MCPE but MCPE is still fun)

    5.Personal Reasons (Not sharing)

    Name Change: I want to change my username and there will be a poll for it. Please leave me a link for the username changer.

    Name change poll Leave my current name (MarioMakerMinecraft) Change Name (MarioGamerMCPE8)

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  • SRankDude

    Skywars Event!

    February 26, 2017 by SRankDude

    Please join my Skywars event! Here

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  • Parakeet Gaming

    Hello everyone!

    I am one of those people who looks at the comments for games, and I had the idea to make a Most Wanted List for MCPE.

    So here goes:

    1: Trading.

    2: Miscellaneous things from mods. (Why, people, WHY?!)

    3: Llamas.

    4: Furniture.

    5: More textures.

    You know, it is really annoying when people go "Notch/Mojang, add this, that, this that, this, that" and have a really long list of things they want to be added. It drives me nuts.

    And speaking of reviews, I'm going to alert you: There is a REVIEW SCAM going on. People leave bad reviews for a game they have never played. I saw one review that repoted INAPPROPRIATE ADS for MC! (Since when does MCPE have ads?) And something similar in the reviews for Dragon City, where I have yet to see one ad. S…

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  • ISharkyShark

    Mojang has been quiet

    February 26, 2017 by ISharkyShark

    Hello Everybody! Something I have noticed is that Mojang has been very quiet lately. This has lead me to two possible speculations:

    1. They are working on something big

    Mojang might be working on something un-announced with a lot of coding, things such as Banners, Dual Welding, Woodland Mansions, Shulker Boxs, fully implementing Stained Glass, etc.

    2. They are working on already announced features

    Another possibility may be they are working only on the confirmed features, like Concrete, Concrete Powder, and Trading (Iron Nuggets are a possibility), and that it has been taking them a little while.

    This has been one of the weirdest Update Bug Fix strings (i.e. 0.15.1, 0.15.2, 0.15.4, etc.) in that 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 had/have Betas for themselves, as …

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  • MaaZDS

    Zombie Villager not curing

    February 25, 2017 by MaaZDS

    Hello Mcpe Wiki , Today i tryed to heal a zombie villager in survival realms world, i throwned Splash potion of weakness on him and thw0en when i tryed to give him apple he wasnt taking apple i tryed a lot but there was no cure button appeared on that zombie villager , can you tell ne that why doesnt that work?

    Oh! i got it , that golden apples were enchanted , 

    thansk for the help.

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