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  • Jimmydonger1998goldenhorsebow

    Hey Guys! If you or a friend are masters at surival games, spleef, sky wars, and the walls, I know a perfect server for you. Lifeboat Survival Games in AMAZING! It has 10 survival games areanas, Tons of Sky Wars, 4 spelef areans, and tons of The Walls. Play it now! port is default

    or port is default

    Join me there! Look for jimmydonger or goldenhorse That's Me!

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  • TheStrictlineRules


    August 23, 2015 by TheStrictlineRules
    • Hello TheStrictlineRules here
    • I am going to tell you about
    • Minecarft.


    Minecraft was the hit game when it came out

    And it is still.








    Zombie Pigman

    Magma cube






    Cave Spider Spider jockey

    And more to comecome.

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  • IFellowFox

    I was playing on the InPvP server and played hide and seek.When the game started I got off the ship and swam up a waterfall and went on another 

    map thingy,and i won.(this is the photo i took)

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  • Ltexprs

    Minecity and its suburbs

    August 19, 2015 by Ltexprs
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  • EgyptianMinecraft

    I get all the stuff I need like stone,Coal,Iron,Gold,Diamond and sometimes clay this is why I love mining so thank you

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  • Jimmydonger1998goldenhorsebow

    Hey guys! Wanna here why my name is jimmydonger1998goldenhorsebow

    Well, it started when I was watching two guys play Minecraft on YouTube. Their channels are moomoomage's channel and AstonishingGamer's channel. They are funny and you need to watch them. In one espidoe, Daneil catches a zombie pigman in the nether and names him Jimmy Donger. I fell in love with him and am now writing a book called Jimmy Donger VS Herobrine. 1998 is the year my parents were married. I LOVE GOLD ON MINECRAFT!! I also like horses and to shoot my bow all the time. So, that's how I got my crazy name. If you see jimmydonger, goldenhorse, goldenbow, or imanoobplzhelpme, on mcpe servers, that's me. LOL

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  • Dragonballgtgoku


    August 18, 2015 by Dragonballgtgoku

    School starts up for me again in a week. My activity will likely suffer as a result. Though I'll try to be on when I can.

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  • LadyLava

    My Floating Islands

    August 17, 2015 by LadyLava

    Here is a quick sneek peek at what I've been working on. My Floating Island gardens, are accessable by swimming up the waterfall and appearing through a pond on the top island. You make your way across the island to a vine that you climb down to a potato farm, go across that to another vine and you will find the second farm with beetroot, and the final one is Cocoa. Vines are also added for decoration.


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  • LadyLava


    August 12, 2015 by LadyLava

    Checking out my world in the cloudlands ;) This post isn't anything long and special but I just wanted show this screenshot. Sorry, I didn't hide my GUI I just wanted to show I wasn't flying. Yes this is an old world just FYI.

    ~Lady Lava

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  • LadyLava

    So I came across the seed "mojang" trying to find a cool world to build in, and so I tryed mojang. Well I found something pretty cool. I came across a podzol biome, which I don't normally see. I screenshot of the spawn and drew an arrow in the direction of the biome. If you are in creative and fly up a bit, you will see a "vast" podzol enviroment if you turn in the direction of the red arrow. In the second picture I circled a few mossy stone structures behind the hill you spawn on.

    Seed: mojang

    ~Lady Lava

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  • LadyLava

    Boat Spider

    August 10, 2015 by LadyLava

    So in preparation for 0.12.1 I've built myself a boat port... Well I came out of my house to see this spider wanting a boat ride, sitting in my boat, in my boat port. I should've took him on a tour of my unfinished world, but I kinda don't like spiders. No offense Boat Spider... 

    ~Lady Lava

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  • TheHolyCircle12

    I'm so exited for 0.12.0!! I have been waiting for flower pots, ocelots, the Nether, enchantments, potions and Anvils as well as both the snow and iron golems. There will be new mobs: said snow and iron golems; wither skeletons, ghasts, zombie villagers, blazes, and even mobs with ARMOUR or tools! 

    Some of the new items are flower pots, Anvils, enchanting tables, the brewing stand, loads of different potions, mob heads and I'm not sure, but I think there might be a packed ice block added as well as fermented spider eyes, spider eyes, gold nuggets, glistering melon, golden carrots, blaze rods, blaze powder, ghast tears, water bottles, nether quartz ore, soul sand, nether wart, the nether portal block and more! You will also have new spawn eg…

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  • Joetony967

    When do u think will be the release date of the update 0.12.1

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  • Micahramiot

    Minecraft PE

    August 4, 2015 by Micahramiot

    I love Minecraft PE! It is one of the best games ever! :)

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  • Vfantana

    Wither Skeletons

    August 3, 2015 by Vfantana

    I just re-created the Wither Skeletons page, but with more info, photo and links.

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  • Weves2137

    Version 0.12.0

    August 2, 2015 by Weves2137

    Hey guys I am so excited for version 0.12.0 but please just let mojang a bit slack I mean come on if the update was ready it would be being played (by me) and how do yous all know that mojang staff have had weekends off ?

    Any way hope you guys are all ok x C

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  • Shadow Tobuscus

    I was curious about everyone's thoughts on the newly released Windows 10 beta of Minecraft. It's the Pocket Edition on desktop with the ability to play with people who have Pocket Edition on their tablets. I personally find it to be fun and different having it on my laptop opposed to it being on my desktop. It has a few glitches here and there since it's only a beta. I think both versions will become amazing and fun to play with together, so far you can only play with others locally, but that'll be changed fairly quickly with an update sometime. The Windows 10 version is free if you had bought the PC version. Tell me what you think of this new version that they threw in to play with PE :)

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  • Ertyuy


    July 31, 2015 by Ertyuy
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  • Slade 1233


    July 29, 2015 by Slade 1233

    I believe that 0.13 is the Redstone update for these reasons





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  • TheGamersUnleashed

    Beta builds are DELAYED!!! On Reddit shoghicp has a comment:

    He explained something about betas being delayed for 240 hours.

    Hopefully beta builds DONT come so Android users wont go like "iOS sucks" (no offense tho.) Enjoy your day!

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  • Darthwikia25

    I'm Back!

    July 28, 2015 by Darthwikia25

    Hey there guys! You may have not seen me around this wiki for a few days, that was because I was off on a short, but sweet vacation due to some IRL events.

    I'm glad to say that I'm back now, and hopefully nothing else happens *Anvil falls on my head*.

    Anyways, just a quick update in case you were wondering :)

    Darthwikia25 05:23, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Nutzboy130

    This is awesome really. I mean Hitting lucky 700 is really cool. I'm an Irishman Myself And Well You Know what that means and all but thanks for helping me getting this far! I Just Love Editing And Helping Out!

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  • LadyLava

    Excited for 0.12.0

    July 26, 2015 by LadyLava

    I am so excited for 0.12.0 to come for Minecraft Pocket Edition! I mean finally! Enchantment levels, THE NETHER, Enchament tables, Potions, Ocelots! I'm extremely excited! I can't remeber another game I get this excited about, and the fact that it's comming out in the next few months! 

    It gives me, I guess, a point to the game. I mean, sure I love playing Minecraft as it is right now, but now I have something to work for. It used to be this:

    1. Build House

    2. Farm

    3. Mine for diamonds

    4. Fight Mobs for resources

    Now it's like this:

    1. Build House

    2. Hunt Animals for food

    3. Farm for food

    4. Mine for resorces

    5. Go to the Nether

    6. Enchant

    7. Potions

    And much much more!

    This is going to be the BEST update so far. I'm so excited for all of these things! I …

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  • Dragonballgtgoku


    July 25, 2015 by Dragonballgtgoku

    So I will probably not be very active from Sunday to Tuesday. I will still try to check every day (but since I've achieved the 365 badge already, i will probably slack on doing such).

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  • T-Bacon


    July 23, 2015 by T-Bacon

    I just sent in a complaint to Apple asking why we can't beta test (iOS) anyone else that wants to send an email,

    1. Click apps and software

    2. Click iOS apps.

    3. Click iTunes Store, (shopping cart)

    4. scroll down to "the topic is not listed"

    5. In the box, type something about beta testing MCPE 0.12.0 (as a title)

    6. Click email

    7. Fill out REQUIRED info

    8. Tell them you want to beta test 0.12.0!!!!!

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  • Dan015

    I kinda missed the time where everything in Minecraft PE was so simple. No fancy blocks or Dimensions or other fancy updates, just plain Minecraft. I also missed the time where I always play in Peaceful Mode because I can't kill a zombie. I also missed the time where I was soooo happy when I found my first Diamonds. I also missed the time where I was so creative in Minecraft, for me that is. Building tunnels for traveling through places, playing Minecraft while in class, not knowing what a Nether Reactor is, Building a glass house (my first objective in the early days when I discovered how to make glass), trying to figure out how to make this and that, learning the facts of Minecraft myself, showing off my survival builds, figuring out how…

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  • Dan015

    I feel bad for the mobs

    July 20, 2015 by Dan015

    Well, as I was editing on this wikia, I came across the raw steak page and felt bad for the Mobs in PE, even though they aren't real. The term 'as they die' or 'wait for them to die' is kinda making you a heartless murderer. Maybe its the "Dark side of Minecraft". Damn my kindness and making me feel like a kid who's afraid of a little kiling. Dont you feel bad for them?

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  • Itrynottobreakdown

    First get an itunes gift card Next go open the AppStore and search Plug for MCPE Then buy it Once installed open it and see the help page It'll have a line saying .h should open help commands Open MCPE and open a world On your chat it should say "Config Loaded" and Plug PE joined the game Type .h and see the next page by .h2/3/4/5/6 Use the .g command Type .g spawnegg:ghast (quantity) and you'll get your reward Other things obtainable 1 iron door 2 slimeball 3 chain armour 4 invisible bedrock (unbreakable even in creative) 5 glowing obsidian 6 fire 7 invisible bucket of lava (bucket:Slava 8 invisible bucket of water (bucket:Swater

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  • Nutzboy130

    I mean seriously Thanks For Your support and Advice to help me edit. I'm Not In it for The ranks or badges. I'm in it to make this Wiki Better. 500 edits is halfway to 1,000 and i hope to reach that much. Thanks Again. Your Comic Relief -Nutzboy130

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  • Technogeek2345

    Hi guys! today is the start of our blog, we will discuss The Updates in MCPE, beginning and ending.

    First lets talk about the new update before we get into older Features.

    First, they might possibly add Rabbits, they are cute and can be a pet! :)

    Then, iron golems and snow golems, iron golems are good to protect villages! and snow golems are good for being a friendly friend if you need one, just like frosty the snowman :D

    Ghasts will finally be added, Aswell as the Nether! A.K.A (The Nether Update)

    They will add ocelots! those cute little pets that you can tame! not easy, but it's worth it if you want a cat :)

    Zombies villagers, those zombie villagers are scary! better cure them, before they get you!

    Blazes, They make scary sounds, be prepared! t…

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  • Nutzboy130

    400 Edits!

    July 18, 2015 by Nutzboy130

    Wow Its Amazing that just in 1 Month and 15 days that I reached this Amount Of Edits. (I like to be Specific XD)

    Thanks For Helping Me Reach 400!

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey guys it's your favorite crazy person TBT (sorry that's how I start all my blogs) ok my Name is TBT and I'm a admin on the cubesmp, evolution, and UHC wiki. But anyways here a small list of what the the minecraft pocket edition will most likely have in the future (note: 0.12.0 update does not apply to this list)

    1. Horses ( are a passive mob in the PC and console versions and can be tamed to be used as another form of transportation.)

    2. Weather( and no not the weather mod lol but any ways weather is in both PC and console versions and the different forms of weather are rain and snow.)

    3.Ingame music ( are in both PC and console versions of minecraft and all it does is add music to minecraft soothing and some times creepy music)

    4. The end …

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  • Nutzboy130
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  • TenguMaster

    Adventure/PvP maps

    July 16, 2015 by TenguMaster

    So, I build adventure maps with my brother. We have created two maps: Ultima Underworld III: The Depths of Lendor and The Castle of Lendor. Ultima Underworld III: The depths of Lendor is an adventure map, where you have to descend trough seven depths in order to escape. Every depth is about half of an old world. The Castle of Lendor is an PvP/Parkour/Just a Cool map, containing a medieval castle and medieval city. I will release them as soon as possible on MCPE hub. Please comment and tell ideas! All maps are built in MCPE. I have also made some skins, and they are now released in MCPE Hub! Check them out! MCPE Hub/Skins

    Because of 0.12.0 coming out on August or September, The Adventure Maps will be released a little bit later. But the first Depth…

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  • Bluejgrant

    cant wait

    July 16, 2015 by Bluejgrant

    can wait till i get my new tablet and also the 12.0 update

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  • Dragonballgtgoku


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  • Bluejgrant

    Cant play Minecraft

    July 13, 2015 by Bluejgrant

    So mad i cant play Minecraft cause my tablets broken. trying to get it fixed but its taking forever.

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  • Nutzboy130

    When I moved to America I was Overwelmed By the sights.. but partially the jet lag. It is really different than Ireland.

    First Place I went to after settling in was to this place called Chick-Fil-A I think.  They had Really Good Food and the people serving us were so nice. :D I don't hear cursing in your day to day conversation. It was an eyeopener. Another thing is that I happened to meet a few people who spoke me language. My pets did not take the move well. All During the plane ride my pug was howling. That might have been another reason i was tired. Oh and You guys drive on the right side....might have a few wrecks. This Place Is Amazing!! Best Wishes!

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  • Jazz The Wolf

    In 0.12.0 Tamaso said so himself, that the possible release date for 0.12.0 is.......  the 29th of July!!!!! It's really close. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it was released the following few days. The nether is being added, th Invintory has a new look, potions, experience, enchanting, controller support, sprinting (finally!), hunger, and a bunch of other awesome stuff. Have fun!

                                                     -Jazz The Wolf

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  • Jeri-Kun

    200 Edits

    July 10, 2015 by Jeri-Kun

    This is amazing it's just 2 months (I think) And Created this many edits Amazing never been this active in my life

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  • Jeri-Kun


    July 9, 2015 by Jeri-Kun

    Guys anyone Here Knows How to Use UserBox? Need Help

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  • Allaboutmcpe


    July 9, 2015 by Allaboutmcpe

    Hey guys, so you have probably already heard but apparently 0.12.0 is supposed to come out on July 29th which is like in 2-3 weeks. I don't really get how the devs are adding all these new features to mcpe but the release date is like in a few weeks, but yay!!!

    How excited are you guys for 0.12.0?????

    Hope you guys enjoy Update 0.12.0 when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • TheGamersUnleashed

    Yup. 0.12.0 releases on...I'll tell you later. Basically because they work on new features that weren't meant to be for past updates (Ocelots: Update 0.9.0 but got delayed) will be added to Update 0.12.0

    For those of you who ask for proof, here:

    (Just listen carefully then you'll hear Tommaso mention the release date, and by the way this is MCW10B, but MCW10 is the same as MCPE, so enough explaining and click the link)

    Enjoy your day!

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  • Dragonballgtgoku

    (Mind the typo on the blog)

    Anyways, happy 4th of July to everyone who lives within the United States! Hope yours will be good! Enjoy da day.

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  • Kylis2


    June 25, 2015 by Kylis2


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  • IWIKIA48
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  • IWIKIA48

    Minecraft PE Findings

    June 20, 2015 by IWIKIA48

    Hello!Thank you for reading my blog!I found this mob in my survival world: Is it amazing? I'm sure some of you had seen a baby zombie riding a wolf... I will make a new blog about it if I see one of those again!

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  • Roy1456 gaming

    Hello I'm new[[Media: Love Minecraft ]]

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  • Madsionclair802

    Has anyone ever seen Mcjugger Nuggetts on YouTube he's awesome he is a gamer who is always YouTubeing and gaming and his dad hates it and always destroys his stuff.its a huge waste of money but it s SO FUNNY!!!!! And he is EXTREMELY dramatic

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  • Dblcut3

    Hey guys! 

    Before I begin, I noticed I have a weird theme. The only time I really make blog posts are during holidays or when a tragedy strikes. Sadly, the second cause applies to today's post.


    If you haven't already heard, there has been tons of racial tension here in the United States. For the past year, it seems that almost every 2 weeks or so something terrible happens that stirs up what is becoming known as the "Race War." Most of the trouble has been stemming from police brutality. Some of the many significant events stemming from this are the killings of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Eric Garner, all african americans killed unjustly by white police officers. These events and many more have led to several protests and a few viole…

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