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  • Rowletbeak

    Profile picture!

    January 24, 2017 by Rowletbeak

    For quite a while now I've had to put up with the earth picture because I am on IOS. But I downloaded Google chrome and now I can do my picture! Please put down below what you think of it.

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  • TheTitaniumWolf

    As you know. I made a poll to change my name. Well. I made a muck up and the name I was going for ... was actually taken. So I came up with a new name I'm sure you like: TheTitaniumWolf

    I am very sorry!

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  • TheTitaniumWolf

    The results are for changing my name is .........

    AlphaWolf !!!!!!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll

    It was a tie. 10 votes each and so it was to be changed.

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  • JustJuuno

    Name Change Confirmation

    January 21, 2017 by JustJuuno

    Hello there!

    If you have read my recent blog post, majority of the people there have voted JustJuuno. It's confirmed! I have changed my username. Expect a change of my name within 2 or 3 days.

    That's all for now.

    -Raddish Gaming, soon to be JustJuuno

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  • HeyItsKayliKat

    300 EDITS!

    January 20, 2017 by HeyItsKayliKat

    Whooo! I have finally reached 300 edits! I became active this month and is super happy about that! Thank you for everyone being welcoming and hope to stay for awhile!

    Untill next time~

    HeyItsKayliKat (talk) 14:57, January 20, 2017 (UTC)Kayli/Potatos

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  • JustJuuno

    Possible Name Change

    January 19, 2017 by JustJuuno

    I am starting to get bored of the usual "Raddish Gaming" username and I decided it is time to change my name. You guys decide what name should I choose:

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  • ISharkyShark

    One Year Anniversary!

    January 18, 2017 by ISharkyShark

    Yay! Today just about marks my One Year Anniversery of playing Minecraft!

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  • ISharkyShark

    World Missing

    January 18, 2017 by ISharkyShark

    Hello everybody! I have a bit of a problem on Minecraft right now: my main creative building world, one I called "duck", made in 0.13.1, is gone! It has gone missing before, in September of 2016. But exactly a week later, it returned mystirously. Then, December 18, a day before 1.0, it was gone again. I was betting it would come back a week later (Christmas), but did not. As of this post, it has almost been a month since it disappaered, and I also haven't been playing Minecraft much because of duck's disappearence. While I am waiting for it to (hopefully) come back, I have been playing Terraria in mean time. This is why I have not been too active for a while. And I did not mistakingly delete it, as December 17, it was there. I then exited …

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  • Parakeet Gaming

    Server problems...

    January 17, 2017 by Parakeet Gaming

    Hi everyone.

    Does anyone have any ideas about some serverbugs I've been having?

    1: Disappearing items. This is especially annoying when you et a diamond sword.This one seems to be on most SG servers.

    2: Vanishing blocks. When I place one, it disappears... and it often has me on it. This is very annoying on SW.

    3: Chat lag. Chat tends to lag my game a lot.

    4: Where did my money go? I keep losing my server money!

    5: Sometimes I can't move...


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  • JustJuuno

    It's been half a year since I ever joined on this wiki and I have to say, it's been a really fun experience with you guys. Last three months or so I got 1000 edits (with a small amount of mainspace edits), which is my first milestone in this wiki.

    Today, I have 3000 edits! Yes, it says so in my profile box. It's a really special milestone for me, thanks to all of you guys :)

    So today, I'm gonna give credits to those who I have met in this wiki. Here they all are:

    Thank you to Darthwikia25, RedstoneDemigod, MASTERFARKOS, VendettaVisionGuy, VNplayer MCPE, TenguMaster, Potato Player, Parakeet Gaming, Rith4life, and others :D

    Today I am reading a creepy story in the link below:

    NOTE: The story above con…

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  • NightfallSW

    1.0.0 Problems

    January 16, 2017 by NightfallSW

    Hey, i dunno if anybody else is having these kind of problems, so i'll do my best to explain.

    I have a world that ive been using for about 8 months now, since before 0.16.0, and ive done quite a bit of exploring.

    The Problem is, that . . . I've already explored the chunks where my StrongHold should have spawned, and now my Eyes of Ender repeatedly point me towards a large cave system, which is Great and all, but its NOT what im looking for!

    ive made a fresh creative world, and explored that same area, and it has spawned just fine. I'm very reluctant to to stuff in my worlds files (like resetting chunks for it to spawn) since i have no experience with that sort of thing. In that same creative world, ive explored (or rather, teleported) for tho…

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  • MissUnicorny

    Happy again

    January 16, 2017 by MissUnicorny

    Hey guys,

    Missie here with some really good news. I just started a new school! This may seem like a bad thing, but not for me! The reason I left was because I was being bullied.

    This was because I got panic attacks due to the fact that I have depression. They thought I was a nutcase. I only have one friend left from my old school, who i'm glad to have. 

    I've made many friends and am looking forward to the year.


    MissUnicorny(talk) 13:11, January 16, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Parakeet Gaming

    Hi everyone,

    I have noticed that me, Raddish, and Wolf are usually the only ones posting on Megastory most of the time. I honestly think we need more people. If you want to, you can sign up! Both the signup thread and the roleplay are on the Minecraft STories board. (Sorry, I'm awful with links- especially on a laptop!)

    Plenty of people signed up, but few participated. Roleplays are really fun and easy to quit out of and it's really awesome to make twists to the plot or add allys or villains. Just check it out!

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  • TheTitaniumWolf

    Hey guys. I was wondering whether I should change my name. I'm going to leave it up to you so here is a poll!

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  • John1Knight

    Officially Back!

    January 15, 2017 by John1Knight

    Hey Guys!! After unpacking all of my things here, I have officially moved to Canada! Not only that, but I can also say that I am going to be active starting now!

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  • Timmaster12d4

    Do you want to know what annoys me? [BTW sorry if this is not MC-related]

    You know how emojis have been around since the Apple computer? Well, yesterday I was reading on Fandom's main website (you can see it on the sidebar of wiki pages) about this "Emoji Movie" being made by Sony and Columbia that will be released in August. I think that this is just plain stupid. Do you agree?

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  • TheFatDoctor

    Yeah. I had to go to the dentist, and my mom had to sign the papers for her new car, but at least I got Super Smash Bros. And got ALL THE DLC. I needed like $50 for all the cr*p. Lol, anyways,

    Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday dear TheFatDoctor aka Austin Powers, Happy Birthday to me!

    Still, the dentist and the garage? Please, on a different day!

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  • ISharkyShark

    My Birthday!

    January 11, 2017 by ISharkyShark

    Hi guys! Today is my birthday! Also, I like the new End City backround. Very fitting for the 1.0 Update being out now.

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  • HeyItsKayliKat


    January 11, 2017 by HeyItsKayliKat

    Okay Hey everyone Kayli here.

    I wanted to point something out that bothers me and I have a feeling I am not the only one.

    I'm not saying you can't believe in something,but I have a right to an opinion.

    This is about the Entity303,Herobrine and 3:00 being the haunted MCPE hour. It isn't true.. Entity 303 is a myth made up by if I'm correct the guy who makes all the "Omg its 3 a.m and MCPE will be haunted.".It isn't true though.... I mean I was on lifeboat the other day and had to watch staff deal with a guy who logged out and said he was kicked by "Entity 303." 

    If you want to believe it's real that's fine, but I think maybe keeping it to yourself and not causeing anyone worry. I mean I do think it would be cool if something like that exsisted,…

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  • Zombie Jockey of MCPE

    From 16-20 Jan I will have a camp and therefore will not be active.

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  • StarLady19

    Suspension of Classes

    January 10, 2017 by StarLady19


    Hey there, pals and gals! This is Star/Crystal of TeamGalaxy!

    Yes, we have suspension of classes! Yes!

    Why? (Maybe) Mostly because of the typhoon(?) that's coming in to our country. Well, at least I think it was a typhoon.....

    So, yeah. For a tropical country, it's really cold here. And there will be a lot of floods in a lot of places. There will be heavenly(not really) rain pouring down to us from above.

    So, yeah. We will be spending time at home, shivering to death.

    One thing I ask for, though, is the safety of the other areas of our country. I don't really ask for anything that often, so this is really important to me, and us. If you could at least pray for them, it would be so much help to us.

    So anyways...

    I'm planning a lot …

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  • MissUnicorny

    I'm back

    January 10, 2017 by MissUnicorny

    Hey everyone,

    I'm back from my Wikibreak! This also serves as a notice to members of the Dog Breed Wiki. Reasons for my inactivity:

    • My iPad was broken.
    • I am not playing MCPE anymore due to my iPad now having Gorilla Glass, which makes it almost impossible to play on.
    • I now have a Tumblr, dedicated to Undertale theories.
    • I am now writing scripts for Undertale comic dubs while my best friend draws them. I'll be sure to post a link when the first one is done, however I have a rather dirty sense of humour and this reflects on my writing.
    • I am starting a new school. Yay!
    • I have been taking an online veterinary course, which requires a lot of my time.

    Here is a link to my tumblr -

    Also, go check out The Dog Breed Wiki. …

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  • Darthwikia25

    Hey there everyone!

    I usually don't discuss other versions on this Wiki, but since I know a lot of users here own consoles, I want to share a great trick using which you can get infinite diamonds!

    [ This is only possible on Consoles, and to some extent on PC, if you know how to delete the Nether files ]

    Note: This is NOT a freebie method or a glitch. You need to put in at least some amount of effort.

    First, you load up a world like normal - go mining or look for a village. If you decide to go mining, you will need to create a Diamond Pickaxe and get Obsidian to build a Nether Portal. If you find a Village Blacksmith them you may not have to go through this effort.

    Once you build your portal, travel into the Nether. Find a Nether Fortress. It is …

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  • SRankDude

    OK guys, this is something about identity. I am Sonicblueblur87, really. I am not a sockpuppet, I changed my username.

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  • Clowerst778

    Youtube channel

    January 8, 2017 by Clowerst778

    Here's my youtube channel

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  • Clowerst778

    Entiny 303

    January 8, 2017 by Clowerst778

    Have you heard of Herobrine's death in computer edition update 1.10? Well we thought we were done with him and his tricks, or anything else like him. But we were all wrong, The New Herobrine Entity 303 as came in to replace herobrine. Entity 303 also doesn't do what herobrine did, he will take over your world and then destroy it, he is destroying severs every day. Not only that but his code when on the minecraft console edition, and bad luck he is on pe and maybe windows 10 edition. I have a friend who lost their own sever to the Entity 303 (A.K.A. 303) Some people say, Entity 303 is fake but that is false. He has taken over my mcpe world ( thankfully it wasn't to important to me. But please help me take down entity 303 with mojang. in the…

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  • LittleDiamond01

    Just joined. I'm not really familiar with interacting on the wiki although I have visited the site before to get MCPE update info. Anyway I look forward to contributing to the wiki. :D

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  • ISharkyShark

    Update 1.1

    January 7, 2017 by ISharkyShark

    Hello Everybody! Here are some things that I would like added to the 1.1 update (if its confermed). The things on the list will be given a reason of why they would most likely be added.

    • Stained Glass/Panes, its in the game code, but its un-obtainable. End Cities are supposed to spawn with Magenta Stained Glass Panes on Consule and PC. Beacon beams can be colored with either.
    • Banners, End Cities are supposed to spawn with them on Consule and PC.
    • Shulker Boxs, Shulker Shells have been added already in 1.0.
    • Armor Stands, Consule and PC have had them for a little while.
    • Jukeboxes/Music Disks, downloadable music has been added already.
    • Magma Blocks, Nether Wart Blocks, Red Nether Brick, the Nether needs some new things
    • Fossils/Bone Blocks, may seem li…
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  • TryHardCaleb

    I'm Not Dead

    January 6, 2017 by TryHardCaleb

    Hello everybody, took a long break so here's some stuff you need to know:

    1.I will not edit on this wiki anymore.

    2.Some people we're hacking in my wikis, so thats not gonna happen anymore (no more making wikis!)

    so yeah bai

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  • HeyItsKayliKat

    Hello Friends!

    January 6, 2017 by HeyItsKayliKat

    Okay so for those who don't know me, I am an admin for the WikiCraft server on MCPE (Owned by Dblcut3). I just wanted to say for those who may have questions, Feel free to ask me anything and I will help out as much as I can. (No I am not staff on this wiki but I am on the legit server)

    For those who wan to get to know me, I will be happy to talk,

    So, Adios My friends-Kayli

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  • StarLady19

    Wow! We only got our Internet yesterday!

    Hey there, pals and gals! This is Star/Crystal of TeamGalaxy!

    So, yes, we only got our Internet yesterday. Why? And how did we lose it? Well, I'll tell you.

    We had a typhoon on Christmas Day called Typhoon Nina (if ever you are familiar of not.) We had a power outage for until Dec. 31, and we only got our Internet on Jan. 5. (Didn't I just explain that, like, three times already?)

    And in that moment, I had time to hang out with my now loving (yes, him) cousin. (who is still a little troublemaker, but in a cute way. He has changed a lot since.)

    Sadly, in those moments, I didn't get to catch up on the things I love to do. I brought no instrument, nor pencil and notebook. At least I finished that book I was…

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  • SRankDude

    My Birthday

    January 6, 2017 by SRankDude

    Hello everybody!

    My birthday is tomorrow. You may not see me on there during the day, so if you were expecting me, I will check in.

    I'm out!

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  • JustJuuno

    Hello there!

    As said in the title, what exciting new feature are you excited for? I am honestly excited for the new update for Minecraft Pocket Edition. We are gonna have to be speculating, or more likely, excited for the features! So I decided to put up this voting poll on what feature you're definitely excited with!

    You can vote and comment on what you voted and state why you want it :)

    That concludes this blog, Raddish Gaming, off (XD)

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  • Just An Assassin's Creed Addict

    I know I haven't been on for a while. Some of you may have noticed I don't reply to forum games any more, but it's all right, I've just been super busy with the rush of Christmas season and New Year and all of that stuff, so I haven't been able to come on. But since most of the festivities are over, I'll be on more often now! So-

    Until next time,

    Just An Assassin's Creed Addict

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  • JustJuuno
    Read more >
  • Rowletbeak

    Games Info Wiki

    January 3, 2017 by Rowletbeak

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to ask for help for my wiki.

    The first person to reply with gain a bureaucrat rank. The second and third will get a admin rank. I hope people apply for it. Thanks.

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  • SRankDude

    Hello, good friends of MCPE Wiki!

    I've been currently thinking about changing my username. Please comment down below.


    • No more than two number
    • No offensive names


    • TechnoGamer
    • GamingJoker
    • GamingMinecart
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    Going to the Rose Bowl!

    December 30, 2016 by MASTERFARKOS

    Hey, guys! As some of you may know from when I dropped a bombshell in BTUAY, I'm going to be at the Rose Bowl on January 2nd. Here are some current highlights of the trip:

    Got to go to the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas.

    Went to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

    Took a drive down the Vegas Strip.

    Saw the USS Midway up close.

    Finally in Los Angeles.

    Went to the Ronald Regan Presidential Library.

    Got to go on the original Air Force One.

    Saw the Hollywood sign.

    More highlights coming soon!

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  • TheV1ct0ri0u5

    Good day MCPE Wiki.

    In my recent time on the wiki as an admin, I have lost the ability to play and keep up with Minecraft Pocket Edition, and can no longer effectively work with the administration. I am officially reaching other pursuits across Wikia, and can no longer be as involved as I used to be.

    It has been a great experience to work with the community over the last year and a half with the wiki administration. I know the community will go on without me, though.

    I do make a few requests:

    • I would not like to be contacted here after my retirement (effective today). If you feel the need to contact me, use my Community Central message wall.
    • I would like no user rights granted to my account after my retirement; they are unnecessary and will hel…
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  • SRankDude

    The applications for the wiki, you know as the Mobile Game Wiki, are ready. We need somebody who knows wikitext so he can be the coder.


    - Coder - Content Moderator - Administrator

    Application Forms: Please use the forms like this.

    - Role: - Why You Think You Should Have It: - Reasonable: - Anything Else We Need:

    Must be over the age of 13, and please comment below.

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  • SRankDude

    Hello, and Hello!

    December 27, 2016 by SRankDude

    Please help me! If any of you are willing to teach me wikitext then please just do it!

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  • Wither28

    Merry Christmas

    December 25, 2016 by Wither28

    and a haaaappyyyyy *cough* *sorry* neeeeee-*cough*eeeewwww YEEEAEAEAEAEAEAEA-*cough*EAEARRRRRRRR!!!

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  • Jacob Kimble

    Behavior on the Wiki

    December 24, 2016 by Jacob Kimble

    Hello everyone! As a fellow user just like yourselves, I've been enjoying both playing Minecraft and giving my imput and opinions on the wiki. However, I have scrolled past many comments that contain rudeness, arguments, and outright insults, many of which are targeted directly at the staff here.

    I'd like to encourage all my fellow users to treat our staff with respect. They are not mean or harsh as they are often accused; every staff member on here has conducted themselves in a friendly and professional manner. Their goal is to maintain order so that everyone can enjoy their time here. All they ask is that we keep comments relevant to Minecraft, refrain from spamming, and refrain from rudeness and insults. I don't believe abiding by those …

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  • Rowletbeak

    Help on wikis

    December 22, 2016 by Rowletbeak

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to say if anyone has a wiki that they are starting and need help on, just contact me ! . . Yours Rowletbeak.

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  • Wolfboy231

    Title Explains it, But Finally I can

    • Create a Wiki
    • Not have an annoying message at the top of my screen
    • Much More!

    Well, Thats All, Wolf OUT

    19:42, December 21, 2016 (UTC) Read more >
  • StarLady19

    Hey there, pals and gals! Star here!

    So, it's been a while since I've been in the wiki....Okay, it's been more than a while. Wow, how long was I gone for? It felt like a YEAR!

    But anyways, since it's been long, I just want to share some updates about the life of Star.

    Grades have really gotten better(and worse) for me, especially on my last year on __________. Graduation is on March, and BOY OH BOY is it hard! But, I'm coping on it well.

    I've developed my love for Music and Arts. I'm composing songs, sketching, and writing stories now. My stories are at a maximum of 200+ reads currently, and so far, only my mom and friends know that I compose songs. I haven't really showed anyone my sketches, just my digital drawings. Though all of those are s…

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  • MasterOfMelons

    I'm so sick.

    December 21, 2016 by MasterOfMelons

    I'm so sick right now I have gastroenteritis I always hated that flu and my head hurts alot but I don't wanna go to further information in order not to discuss anyone.

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  • Stikfig

    A bug on 1.0.0 Update

    December 21, 2016 by Stikfig

    Well the bug is that my items dont have the number count on the side while on my bar at survival. It all happened when I changed My Windows 10 Edition game UI profile to Pocket. 

    This is not that bad but I like to know the amount or how much damage my items have.

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  • Stikfig

    Hunter Realm ! Everyone

    December 20, 2016 by Stikfig

    Hello my IGN is stikfig107 and im the owner of the new realm "Hunter".  

    The realm currently has like 10 members and it has like 3 days on. We would like to create a great community and a lovely one as well for all users. Im gonna have a form up for everyone so the can join the realm. Dont worry everyone is gonna be accepted! But for security everyone has to fill up the form. If you want to join comment this blog. 

    We as a community are gonna have projects for the realm. We even have our own Discord server so remember to join for every news of the realm and to be connected with the community!

    Discord Server Invite Link!

    We hope to see everyone There!

    Thats the form! T…

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  • JustJuuno

    Hey, aren't you supposed to be at-- wait this is wrong XD

    Hey there! Mojang recently moved to the website (why did an array of things related to "" suddenly popped up and blocked my view).

    They said that is no longer a go-to place for updates related to Minecraft. I was wondering why they did that, but the post just said that I should read about it on I went there and I honestly never spotted why they made that change.

    In my speculation, they made it because they want to make use of only one website so to make work much easier. But I was thinking they had second thoughts since they posted a snapshot update in

    I'll be honest guys. has a better quality than…

    Read more >

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