These features will in some form be included in a future update.
These features are confirmed, but not yet added to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Book and Quill
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First Appearance

Update 1.2

The Book and Quill is an Item that will be added in Update 1.2.


A Book and Quill can be obtained through Crafting.



Written Book

A Written Book

A Book and Quill can be written in by selecting Use Item while holding it. This will open a Text Editor GUI, and the Player can then write in the Book. A Book has 50 pages and can hold up to 256 characters per page, though this can be increased by third party editors.

The Book can be signed by selecting Sign while in the text interface. Once signed, the Book can no longer be edited and becomes a Written Book.


  • When signed, the Book and Quill looks like an Enchanted Book.
  • A Book and Quill can hold up to 12800 characters.
  • Version Exclusive: the Book and Quill displays 2 pages at once.

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