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Bottle o' Enchanting
Bottle o' Enchanting




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First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

Bottles o' Enchanting are Items that were added in Update 0.12.1. They are Potion-like items which can be used to spawn Experience Orbs when thrown.


After Update 1.0.4, Bottles o' Enchanting can be Traded for using Emeralds.


A Bottle o' Enchanting can be thrown by long pressing the screen, like how the Player would throw a Snowball or an Egg.


  • If Bottles o' Enchanting are splashed in Creative Mode and the Player switches to Survival Mode, he/she will still have the experience levels from the bottles.
  • Unlike Potions, it cannot be Brewed.
    • It appears as a drinkable Potion but it is actually a throwable item.

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