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Brewing Stands
Brewing Stand
A Brewing Stand


Entity Block





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First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

Brewing Stands are entity Blocks that are used for Brewing Potions by the Player. They were added in Update 0.12.1. They are also a Container.


GUI Brewing Stand

Brewing GUI


There are three slots for Water Bottles in a Brewing Stand and one for the brewing ingredients. If at least one Water Bottle and one correct brewing ingredient are present, the potion will start brewing and will complete in about 5–8 seconds.

The article on Potions displays the various combinations the Player can use to brew different potions, and the effect these have. Most potions require an Awkward Potion to brew.


  • Brewing Stands naturally spawn in End Ships and Igloos.
    • The End Ships contain a Potion of Healing 2 and Igloos contain a Splash Potion of Weakness.
  •  Potions will appear to be attached to the Brewing Stand if it has Glass Bottles in its interface.
    • Even if the bottles are empty or are only filled with Water, they will appear to be filled with potions.
  • When placed, Brewing Stands emit small smoke particles, even if there is no bottle placed inside them.
  • Version Exclusive: There is no need to Fuel the brewing process with Blaze Powder, unlike the PC and Console Editons.
  • As access to Nether is required to get Blaze Rods, and the Nether Wart needed to make the Awkward Potion, the Brewing Stand is a project for the slightly more experienced Player.


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