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Brown Mushroom
Brown Mushroom
Brown Mushroom


Non-solid Block

Found in

Dark Areas, Fallen Trees, The Nether


Yes (64)


Yes (1)



First Appearance

Update 0.1.0

Brown Mushrooms are plants that are generally found in dark areas, like overhangs, Caves, or even under Trees. They are also found on top of the version exclusive Fallen Trees


There are various ways to obtain Brown Mushrooms:


Brown Mushrooms can be used in various food recipes, or as decorative blocks.



  • Before Infinite Worlds, Brown Mushrooms did not not always spawn in a world.
  • They can also spawn in the Nether.
  • Tapping a Brown Mushroom with Bone Meal causes a Giant Brown Mushroom to appear.
  • They used to be one of the Items spawned inside the Nether Reactor when it was activated.
  • If grown on Mycelium or Podzol, Brown Mushrooms can grow/spread in any light level.
  • Unlike the Red Mushroom, they do not spawn in Witch Huts.
  • Brown mushrooms emit a light level of 1.
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