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A Cake


Food Block



Hunger Restored

1 slice: Hunger 10
Whole Cake: Hunger 60







Cake is a Food item that was added into Minecraft PE in Update 0.7.0. It can be placed and eaten partially six times, restoring 2 Hunger points (Hunger 10) for each slice.



  • Cake is only 15/16th of the size of a Block.
  • Cake restores the most Hunger, but it has very low saturation.
  • Cake is one of the only five foods that take multiple ingredients to Craft; other foods include: Pumpkin Pie, Mushroom StewBeetroot Soup and Rabbit Stew.
  • Cake cannot be obtained once placed without the use of a Silk Touch Enchanted Pickaxe.
  • Cake is one of three foods that require all 9 slots in a crafting grid to make; the other two are the Golden Apple and Golden Carrot.
  • The Achievement for making a Cake and placing it is called "The Lie," as a reference to the game Portals.
  • Cake is the only food that must be placed to be eaten.
  • Bug: When eaten, cake will not show the proper texture, it will show the texture as if it had not been eaten.
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