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This is a Removed Feature.
Removed Blocks might be available through Creative Inventory.




Tool Used



Yes (64)





First Appearance

Update 0.1.0

Last Appearance

Update 0.14.1

The Camera was introduced in Update 0.1.0. It was removed from the game in Update 0.9.0, but was added again in Update 0.14.0 with a new texture and it was "removed" again in Update 0.14.2. It is only obtainable through inventory editors. In Update 0.16.0, it could be obtained with Commands.


Cameras were used to take third or second person screenshots of the Player. Some devices have a built in feature to take screenshots but the camera was added as an alternative way to take screenshots. 


  • The bottom-half texture for the Camera has changed since its last appearance in Update 0.9.0.
  • If a Camera is placed, and the game is closed, it will summon Lightning when the game is re-opened.
  • This was the first item in Minecraft history to be removed, re-introduced, and then removed again. 
  • Cameras got a new item ID in Update 0.14.2- #489.
  • Trying to obtain them from inventory editors will now merely remove the item that the Player tries to replace from the Inventory.
  • The Camera was an entity that could be 'killed'.
  • The Camera cannot be spawned successfully with commands.
Inventory Editing

Update Game Block | Camera | Nether Reactor Core | Glowing Obsidian | Invisible Bedrock

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