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Carrot on a Stick
Carrot on a Stick







First Appearance

Update 0.15.0

Carrot on a Stick is a Tool which was added in Update 0.15.0. It is used to control and guide a Pig when riding it.



To use a Carrot on a Stick, the Player must mount a Saddled Pig. The Pig will then move in the direction the Carrot on a Stick is pointing to. There will be a Boost button on the bottom of the screen. Once pressed the Pig will temporarily move faster.

The Carrot on the Stick will eventually wear out and the Player will be left with a Fishing Rod. When this happens, the rider can no longer direct the Pig.


  • Just like the Carrot, when the Player holds a Carrot on a Stick, all nearby pigs will follow the player.
  • Horses also follow the Player if they are holding a Carrot on a Stick.

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