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Cave Spider
A Cave Spider


Abandoned Mineshafts; Light level below 7






0-2 String
0-1 Spider Eye

First Appearance

Update 0.11.0

Cave Spiders are Neutral Mobs that were added in Update 0.11.0. They attack Players and inflict damage on them with Poison. Cave Spider poisoning can be healed using a Milk Bucket.


Cave Spiders spawn naturally in Abandoned Mineshafts via Monster Spawners or by using Spawn Eggs in Creative Mode.


Combat against Cave Spiders is difficult, since they poison the Player while attacking them. However, Cave Spiders will not poison the Player when the Difficulty is set to Easy or lower.

Cave Spiders can be defeated easily by using a high tier weapon such as a Diamond Sword or an Iron Sword.


  • Cave Spider Poison cannot kill the Player, but can take it's health down to 1/2 a Heart.
  • When killed, they will drop String and Spider Eyes like normal Spiders.
  • Like normal spiders, Cave Spiders do not slow down when in contact with Cobwebs.
  • They are much smaller than normal Spiders, and can fit through Slabs (Half Blocks).
  • Their color is slightly different from Spiders, the latter being grey, and the former being blue-blackish.
  • Version Exclusive: Cave Spider Jockeys can spawn rarely.
  • Cave Spider Monster Spawners spawn with cobweb around them, making them hard to break.
  • They were the first Mob to be added to MCPE that inflict a Status Effect on the Player.
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