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Diamond Chestplate
A Diamond Chestplate



First Appearance

Update 0.6.0

Chestplates are pieces of Armor which cover the top part of the Player's body.


There are 5 types of chestplates, which vary in strength:

  • Leather – 3 Defense Points
  • Gold – 5 Defense Points
  • Chainmail – 5 Defense Points
  • Iron – 6 Defense Points
  • Diamond – 8 Defense Points

Each armor shield/point requires 2 Defense Points.


Chestplates can be Crafted from 8 ingots/pieces in a Crafting Table, and Iron Chestplates also can be found in Blacksmith Chests found in Villages.


  • Chestplates were added in Update 0.6.0.
  • Chainmail Chestplates cannot be crafted.
  • A Leather Chestplate is called a tunic.
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