Chorus Tree
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Small Chorus Tree


Generated Structure


Outer End islands

First Appearance

Update 1.0

Chorus Trees are trees from The End, and were added in Update 1.0.


Chorus Trees generate naturally on the outer End islands. They spawn in large groups, effectively creating a Chorus Tree forest.

The Player can also create a Chorus Tree by placing a Chorus Flower on a Block of End Stone and leaving it to grow.


Chorus Trees consist solely of Chorus Flowers and Chorus Plants. The Chorus Plants grow upwards in random branching formations. At the top of each completed branch a Chorus Flower generates.


  • When breaking the Chorus Tree, the Player gets Chorus Fruits, the only natural source of Food in the End.
  • Like Cacti and Sugarcane, if the block below the Chorus Tree is broken, all blocks above it will also break.
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