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Cobblestone Wall
Cobblestone Wall
Cobblestone Wall



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First Appearance

Update 0.8.0

Cobblestone Walls are Blocks added in Update 0.8.0. Their function is identical to Fences, though they are made with Cobblestone.


There are 2 variants of the Cobblestone Wall:



Mobs and the Player cannot jump over a wall, making them a useful safety item around Lava, dangerous falls, etc. It can also be used to keep Mobs inside or outside an area.

A Wall can still be climbed by placing a Block in front of the wall, or putting a Carpet above it.


  • It takes longer to mine a Cobblestone Wall than it takes to mine a Block of Cobblestone.
  • Wooden Fences cannot connect to Cobblestone Walls. However, Fence Gates may connect to them.
  • A Spider can still climb over a wall.
  • Bug: Mobs used to get stuck in Cobblestone Walls.
  • Cobblestone Walls are thicker than Fences.
  • Unlike Wooden Fences, Leads cannot be attached to Cobblestone Walls.

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