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Command Block
Command Blocks
The 3 Types of Command Blocks




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First Appearance

Update 1.0.5

A Command Block is a type of Block that will be added in Update 1.0.5. It is used to execute Commands meant to affect selected entities.


Command Blocks can only be obtained by using Commands. They are not available in the Creative inventory, and cannot be obtained naturally in Survival Mode. The command used is /give @p command_block`.


There are 3 types of Command Blocks in Minecraft PE:

  • Impulse: Impulse Command Blocks are orange. These function once they are activated.
  • Chain: Chain Command Blocks are green. These execute only after the Command Block pointing to it is processed.
  • Repeat: "Repeat" Command Blocks are purple. These will execute their commands once per tick as long as they are activated.


To use a Command Block, the Player must type a Command into the Command Block, and then power it using a Redstone power source. If the command has been input correctly, it will be executed.

For example, typing /kill in a Command Block and powering it will kill the Player. Note that command arguments for a command block are executed relative to the command block placement, and can use target selectors as indicated in the argument section of Commands page.


  • Command Blocks cannot be moved by Pistons.
  • Version Exclusive: Command Blocks in the Update 1.0.5 Beta don't have the same Blast Resistance as Bedrock, and can be destroyed by strong explosions such as lightning or the Wither.
    • However, it is unknown whether this is a bug.
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