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Containers are Blocks that have Inventories in which Items can be stored or processed in.

Types of Containers

Redstone Signal

When a Container is connected to a Redstone Comparator it generates a Redstone signal. The strength of the Redstone signal depends on how full the container is, and how many items it contains. For example, a Chest with 10 items will send a greater signal than a chest with 5 items.

Note that non-stackable items gives a stronger signal than stackable items. And an item stackable up to 16 items, gives a stronger signal than those stackable up to 64 items. A full Chest will generate a full strength signal reaching 15 blocks.


  • The Jukebox is also a container, however it is unknown when it will be added to MCPE.
  • The Ender Chest is not readable for fullness by a Redstone Comparator
  • Not a container per say, but a Minecart can hold either a Hopper or a Chest, and be used for containing items for transportation.
  • Similarly, Donkeys and Mules can also hold a Chest, and thus carry extra items for the Player.

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