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Crafting Table
Crafting Table
A Crafting Table


Interactive Block


Yes (Up to 64)







First Appearance


A Crafting Table is a Block that is used to Craft blocks, weapons and Items. It is essential to make progress in the game, since most important items are crafted through it.

Since Minecraft PE uses the MATTIS (Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System), the Player can craft items without placing items in a crafting grid.



  • The Player has a personal crafting section, although it only has a 2 by 2 crafting grid which is only useful for a limited number of crafting recipes, including the Crafting Table itself.
  • Crafting Tables spawn in Villages inside Libraries.
  • Prior to Update 0.13.0, Stone-related items were crafted in the Stonecutter instead.
    • However, this was removed, and all items are now crafted using the Crafting Table.
  • Crafting Tables are one of only two appliances that is mineable with the hand, the other being the Chest.
  • Crafting Tables can be used as Fuel in a Furnace.
  • As of Update 1.0, it is possible to craft like MCPC (Classic Crafting). This can be done by opening Settings, then opening Show Advanced Video Settings, then turning Pocket to Classic.


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