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Creative Mode

Creative mode is one of 2 selectable gamemodes

Creative Mode is a gamemode in which the player has unlimited resources, the ability to fly, infinite health and instant mining ability. 


  • Flying
  • Invincibility
  • Superflat Worlds (Currently)
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Infinite Blocks
  • Instant Mining
  • Infinite Durability With Tools in Creative
  • Creative Only Blocks
  • Mob Spawner Change
  • Breaking Indestructible Blocks

Creative-Only Blocks

In creative mode, players have access to all types of blocks, some of which are not obtainable in survival mode without inventory editors:

Spawn Eggs

Spawn Eggs are eggs which, when tapped on the ground, spawn a mob. They are exclusive to the Creative Mode inventory.


Before 0.9.0., mobs did not spawn naturally in creative mode, though with the release of 0.9.0., passive mobs and wolves now spawn naturally in creative mode. Unlike Survival, Hostile mobs spawn neutral instead of hostile, and will pursue the player only if provoked, though they will do no damage. Same AI applies to neutral mobs.

Missing inventory 

Some items are missing from the creative inventory that are in the game.


  • There is no day/night system before Update 0.10.0 in creative mode. However, there could be one if a survival world is switched to a creative one using editors.
  • In 0.11.0 a toggle to enable/disable the day/night cycle in Creative was added.
  • Hostile mobs spawn neutral in PE, unlike PC (after Version 1.6.2), in which they spawn passive.

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