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Creative Mode

Creative mode is one of 2 selectable gamemodes

Creative Mode is a gamemode in which the Player has unlimited resources, the ability to fly, invincibility, and the instant mining ability. This gamemode was the first gamemode to exist in Minecraft PE, dating back to the Pre-Release

Creative-Only Features

Creative-Only Blocks

In Creative Mode, Players have access to all types of blocks, some of which are not obtainable in Survival Mode without inventory editors:

Spawn Eggs

Spawn Eggs are eggs which, when tapped on the ground, spawn a Mob. They are exclusive to the Creative Mode inventory, except for when the gamemode is switched to Survival Mode while holding them or after putting them in a Container.


Before Update 0.9.0, mobs did not spawn naturally in Creative Mode, and only Chickens, Sheep, Pigs, and Cows could be spawned using Spawn Eggs without using inventory editors. However with the release of 0.9.0, Passive Mobs and Wolves spawn naturally in Creative Mode, and Hostile Mobs could be spawned using Spawn Eggs and Spawners. Later with the release of Update 0.12.1, Hostile Mobs can spawn naturally in Creative Mode, and some can spawn with the ability to wear Armor and pick up items. Unlike in Survival, hostile mobs spawn passive instead of hostile, and will ignore the Player if hit, as of Update 0.13.0. Same AI applies to Neutral Mobs.

Items Missing in Inventory

Some items are missing from the Creative Inventory that are in the game.


  • There was no day/night system before Update 0.10.0 in Creative Mode, and the time of day was always at noon.
    • However, there could be one if a Survival world was switched to a Creative one using editors.
  • In Update 0.11.0, a toggle to enable/disable the day/night cycle in Creative was added.
  • The items that are coded into the game but not in the Creative inventory can be obtained by inventory editors or mods.
  • As of Update 0.12.1, the Player cannot break blocks with a Sword in Creative Mode.
    • This is useful to avoid destroying blocks accidentally.
  • Since Update 0.14.0, the Player can throw items on the ground in Creative Mode.
    • The items will still be there in Survival Mode and the Player can pick them up.
  • The Player can also access inventories, allowing him/her to Craft items in Creative Mode.
  • Achievements cannot be earned in Creative Mode.
    • This also applies if the player switches to Survival from Creative.

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