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Diamond Ore
Diamond (Ore)
Diamond Ore







Tool Used


Tool Level

Iron and above



Diamond Ore is a type of Ore that drops a Diamond when mined. Diamond Ore is most commonly found in layers 0-16 above Bedrock. Diamond Ores are one of the rarest ores in the game, like Emerald Ore.


To obtain diamonds, the ore has to be mined using an Iron Pickaxe or above. The ore Block will drop a diamond, but when the Player uses a Fortune-Enchanted Pickaxe on it, its drops are increased depending on the level of the enchantment used on it.


Note: Diamond Ore can only be smelted if obtained through Silk Touch. In normal circumstances, Diamond Ore drops Diamonds when mined.

  • 1 Diamond Ore + Any Fuel => 1 Diamond


  • Diamond Ore is much more easily found in Caves.
  • Earlier, Diamond Ore was second rarest to Lapis Lazuli, but this was changed in Update 0.9.0, when Emerald Ore was added.
  • Mining Diamond Ore will drop Experience Orbs.
  • Since Update 0.12.1, Players can use an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe that has the Silk Touch Enchantment to mine the ore itself, making a good Decoration block to be added to builds.
  • If the Player counts the exposed pixels on a Diamond Ore and on a normal Diamond, he/she will notice that they can make almost 3 diamonds with one Diamond Ore.
  • Diamond Ore is 25x as rare as Iron Ore.

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