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Diamond Sword
Diammd Sord
A Diamond Sword



Attack Damage




First Appearance

Update 0.3.2

The Diamond Sword is a weapon that was added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in Update 0.3.2.

It is the most durable and powerful Sword in the game.



  • The Diamond Sword is often featured in pop culture due to it being the most popular Item in Minecraft.
    • It is also featured as the cursor for the Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki, as well as the Minecraft Wiki.
  • It is the most expensive Sword to Craft, but makes up for this by its strength and durability.
  • Before Update 0.12.1, the Diamond Sword dealt one less damage point, because the damage strength of weapons replaced the Player's melee damage instead of adding to it.

Sword (Wooden, Stone, Iron, Golden, Diamond) • BowFlint and Steel

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