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First Appearance

Update 0.14.0

A Dispenser is a Redstone-related Block that was added in Update 0.14.0. It is used to dispense Items and shoot projectiles out of it when powered by a redstone signal.



A Dispenser has 9 Inventory spaces, allowing for a maximum capacity of 572 Blocks. A single Item placed in a Dispenser will be dispensed when activated by a Redstone signal. There are some exceptions to this:


Note 1: If activated, a Dispenser will disable the activity (i.e. Dispensing Water, Firing Arrows) with the next Redstone signal. It is not enough to stop sending the initial signal to the Dispenser.


  • A Dispenser will not splash a Potion if it is not a Splash Potion. 
  • Whilst similar to the Dropper, the Dispenser has a round opening.
  • After Update 0.15.0, Dispensers can be found inside Jungle Temples as traps.
  • Dispensed arrows have irregular flight patterns and do not do as much damage as arrows shot from a Bow.
  • Dispensers change textures when placed upwards or downwards. 
  • A bucket of Water/Lava within a Dispenser is full or empty, based on the state of the Dispenser.
  • Dispensers and Droppers are often mistaken for each other due to their appearance and similar functions.
  • Bug: in Update 0.15.0 there was a bug where in the inventory, the Dispenser displayed the wrong texture.
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