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Wooden Door
Types of Wooden Doors



Tool Used


Tool Level



Yes (64)



First Appearance

Update 0.2.0 (Oak Doors), Update 0.13.0 (Jungle, Birch, Spruce, Acacia, and Dark Oak variants)

Wooden Doors are Blocks that when placed can be opened and closed when Players tap on them. They are commonly used to block Mobs from getting into certain areas, such as the Player's house. 


There are 6 types of Wooden Doors:

  • Oak Wood Doors
  • Spruce Wood Doors
  • Jungle Wood Doors
  • Birch Wood Doors
  • Dark Oak Wood Doors
  • Acacia Wood Doors


The type of door Crafted depends on the type of wood used.


Wooden Doors are used as openable structures that can be used to move in and out of a building, as well as keep mobs, especially Hostile Mobs out, since they cannot open Doors.

There are a few exceptions:


  • Iron Bars, Glass Panes, and Fences cannot connect to Doors.
  • Wooden doors have a stronger variant called the Iron Door which can only be opened with a Redstone signal.
  • Since Update 0.13.0, Oak Doors have an improved icon, and all other types of doors were added.
  • Wooden doors can create an underwater Airlock.
  • Bug: In Update 0.6.0, if the Player destroys a Door, it could drop two Doors or nothing at all.
  • Oak Doors spawn in Villages and Strongholds.
  • In Normal difficulty the Zombies will attack Doors, without breaking it.
  • The Player can attack the Zombie's hands through a closed Door.
  • If held by the Player, and used for digging or something similar, the Door displays a durability bar. This can be reset, by placing the Door and picking it up again.

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