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Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg
A Dragon Egg



First Appearance

Update 1.0

A Dragon Egg is a Block that was added in Update 1.0


The Ender Dragon Egg is a "reward" Block dropped by the Ender Dragon when defeated. Since it obeys Gravity, it can be obtained by making it fall onto a Torch. It can then be carried as an Item by the Player and can be placed wherever they choose. If the Player taps the egg, it will teleport. The Ender Dragon Egg is the rarest block in Minecraft, with only 1 in each world unless the Player uses Commands.


  • Despite its name, it does not actually include a "Baby Ender Dragon".
  • If the Player kills the Ender Dragon while in Creative Mode and picks up the Dragon Egg, it is possible to have infinite Dragon Eggs.
  • When punched by the Player, it teleports to a random location up to 15 blocks away from the latter.
  • Dragon Eggs can also be turned into an Item when pushed by a Piston, or dropped on a Torch.

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