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A Dropper



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First Appearance

Update 0.14.0

A Dropper is a Redstone-related Block that was added in Update 0.14.0. When it receives a Redstone signal, it ejects any Item inside without using it, unlike a Dispenser, or transfers it to another Container.



The main usage of a Dropper is to transfer Items from the 9 Inventory spaces either out into open air, or into other Containers placed at the front face of the Dropper. It will drop 1 Item at the rising edge of a Redstone signal.

Note: A strongly powered Dropper will also trigger directly connected Droppers. That is, if powered from behind in a Dropper array the Droppers directly above, below, to the left, to the right and in front, would also drop an item. The diagonals will not drop items. To avoid this behavior, the Player can signal an intermediate block behind the Dropper instead of the Dropper itself.


  • Droppers resemble and function similar to Dispensers.
    • However, Dispensers consume or use particular items (e.g. Flint and Steel, SnowballsBone Meal, etc.) and have a round hole where items will be ejected. Droppers eject items without using them and have a triangular hole.
  • Droppers and Dispensers are able to move items upwards also, unlike Hoppers which move items sideways or downwards.
  • If the Dropper is placed facing up or down, the hole will be rectangular.
  • Bug: In Update 0.15.0, there is a bug that makes the Inventory textures of the Dispenser and Dropper show the facing upwards texture.
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