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150px-Minecraft Dungeon
A Dungeon


Generated Structure



First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

Dungeons are underground Generated Structures that were added in Update 0.9.0.


Dungeons are normally found in connection to Caves or Abandoned Mineshafts, partially intersecting with the other structure.

The easiest way to locate a Dungeon is either to follow the sound of a Mob, or locating the origin of a steady stream of a particular Mob type which can be spawned within a Dungeon.



The Dungeone is a room where the walls and roofs are made out of Cobblestone and Moss Stone.


In the center of the room there is a Monster Spawner, and 0-3 chests around the walls. The Monster Spawner in a Dungeon only spawns one kind of Mobs, from the following list:

As described in detail on the Monster Spawner page, it can be disabled by adequate lighting, or it can be destroyed using a Pickaxe. However, destroying the Monster Spawner is in general a bad idea, as Experience farms can be built around a Monster Spawner easily.


It is possible to find the following loot in a Dungeon:

Name Icon


Bone 57.8%

Rotten Flesh

Rotten Flesh 57.8%


Gunpowder item 57.8%


String 57.8%


Bread 35.3%


Wheat 35.3%


Saddle 29.0%

Name Tag

Name Tag 29.0%

Iron Ingot

Ironitm 18.8%


Bucket 18.8%

Enchanted Books

Enchanted Book (Minecraft) 15.1%

Horse Armor

HorseArmorTypes 12.1%

Ink Sac

Ink Sack 9.3%

It's possible to access the loot in the Chests through holes from the sides of the Dungeon. If a hole is placed at floor level, neither of the Mobs can attack the Player with the exception of Stray Arrows from Skeletons.


  • In the Beta Builds for Update 0.15.0, there was a bug where Dungeons and Strongholds would not generate.
  • Before Update 0.9.4, there was a bug that caused the Monster Spawners to spawn Hostile Mobs, even when on Peaceful.
  • Very rarely, one Dungeon may intersect the other, forming a double Dungeon. Even more *Bug: There was a bug where Chests where invisible. The Player could walk over them and bump into them, but could not access them.
  • Rarely, Dungeons can spawn intersecting with a Stronghold.
150px-Minecraft DungeonGenerated Structures150px-Minecraft Dungeon

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