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Durability is a property which all ToolsArmor, Weapons and some items are subject to. It is the representation of how many useful actions an item has performed.



Armor Durability is taken away when the Player takes damage which that Armor is capable of reducing. This includes:

Different tiers have different durability:

  • Leather
    • Helmet — 56
    • Chestplate — 81
    • Leggings — 76
    • Boots — 56
  • Gold
    • Helmet — 78
    • Chestplate — 113
    • Leggings — 106
    • Boots — 92
  • Chainmail
    • Helmet — 166
    • Chestplate — 241
    • Leggings — 226
    • Boots — 196
  • Iron
    • Helmet — 166
    • Chestplate — 241
    • Leggings — 226
    • Boots — 196
  • Diamond
    • Helmet — 364
    • Chestplate — 529
    • Leggings — 496
    • Boots — 430


When Tools are used for their intended purpose, 1 durability is taken away. In some cases, using them incorrectly can result in extra durability being taken away.

Different tiers of Tools have different durabilities:

  • Gold – 33 uses
  • Wood – 60 uses
  • Stone – 132 uses
  • Iron – 251 uses
  • Diamond – 1562 uses

Other miscellaneous Tools also have durability:



By placing two damaged items of the same kind in an Anvil together, the first item can be repaired. This will combine the items and give one item with their combined durabilities and an extra 5% durability. Enchantments will also combine, if possible.

In some cases the Player can also provide a crafting material instead of a second damaged item of the item. For example, to repair an Iron Pickaxe The Player can place one or more Iron Ingots in the second slot of the Anvil.

Repairs using an Anvil have an Experience cost, which increases as the durability decreases.

Crafting Table

Items can also be repaired in a Crafting Table if the Player has chosen the Classic UI (rather than the MATTIS UI) by placing the two damaged items in the Crafting Grid together. This will not cost the Player any Experience, but the resulting fixed item will lose any Enchantments that the damaged items had.


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