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End Gateway Portal
End Gateway Portal


Generated Structure


The End (Main island)

First Appearance

Update 1.0

An End Gateway Portal is a Generated Structure which spawns in The End after the Ender Dragon is defeated. It was added in Update 1.0.


A new End Gateway Portal generates near the edge of the main island every time the Ender Dragon is defeated. A maximum of twenty Portals can be generated for each world.

A "Return Portal" generates where the Player spawns on the Outer Islands and randomly so he/she can return to the Main End Island.


The End Gateway Portal is composed of an End Gateway Block confined within a small formation made up of twelve Bedrock.


  • The End Portal block at the center of the gateway cannot be obtained through inventory editing or commands.
  • An Ender Pearl must be used to enter the End Gateway Portal, since Bedrock cannot be broken.
    • This, fortunately, is an easy task since Endermen spawn abundantly in the End.
  • The Player can also glide into it by using an Elytra, since the Player height while doing so is only 1 block.
  • The Player cannot pass through the Portal while riding an entity, such as a Pig or Minecart until they dismount.
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