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End Portal
An End Portal in the "Portal Room"


Player-Built and Naturally Generated Structure

First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

The End Portal is a Portal that came out in Update 0.9.0, and became functional when Update 1.0 was released. Once activated, it teleports the Player to The End, which is an island of End Stone with Endermen.


End Portal Frames were added in Update 0.9.0, but naturally generated End Portal Frames were not added until Update 0.9.1. Strongholds were also added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in 0.9.0.


As with the other versions of the game, End Portals are always located within Strongholds, in their own "Portal Room." These "Portal Rooms" are hidden among the maze of other rooms within a Stronghold. There is only one Portal room per Stronghold.


  • The End Portal Frames with the Eyes of Ender have different Block IDs.
  • The End Portal room contains a Silverfish Spawner.
  • The End Portal room can also be hidden by the walls of a Stronghold, although this rarely ever happens.

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