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An Enderman





Damage Dealt

Easy: HeartHeart
Normal: HeartHeartHeartHeart
Hard: HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart


0-1 (+loot level) Ender Pearl

First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

The Enderman is a Neutral Mob added in Update 0.9.0. It is a powerful Mob with the ability to teleport.


In the Overworld, Endermen spawn in groups of 1-4 in Light Level 7 or below. They spawn in large numbers in The End, and sometimes also spawn in the Nether.


Endermen wander aimlessly around the world, and teleport randomly. They spawn neutral, but will become hostile if provoked by the Player staring at their upper body or attacking them. They open their mouth when feeling alarmed. Endermen will find and attack Endermites. They will also avoid both Water and Lava.

Moving Blocks

Endermen also have the ability to move the following Blocks:


Combat against Endermen can be difficult due to their high Health and ability to teleport. At least an Iron Sword is recommended, and Armor is also suggested. A Bow cannot be used as the Enderman will always teleport away before the arrow hits them.

Since Endermen avoid Water, placing down a Water Bucket can allow the Player to escape large groups of Endermen.


  • The Enderman was inspired by the creepypasta, Slenderman.
  • Endermen take fall damage but often teleport away preventing the damage.
  • Endermen did not drop the blocks they were holding before Update 0.14.0.
  • Endermen can cause in-game glitches if they are spawned (using Spawn Eggs) in places lower than 3 blocks.
  • Enderman sounds seem to be reversed words:
    • The "idle1" sound is a reversed “here”.
    • The "idle2" sound is a reversed “hiya".
    • The "idle3" sound is a down-pitched “what's up?” or "this way!"
    • The "idle4" sound is a down-pitched “reversed "forever!"
    • The "idle5" sound is a reversed "uh oh!"
  • Before Update 0.11.0, Endermen could be hit with Eggs and Snowballs.
  • Version Exclusive: Endermen have two more Ender Particles on their hands.
  • Since Update 0.15.0, Endermen can spawn in the Nether.
  • A group of two or more Endermen is called a haunting.
  • Endermen are the only mobs that spawn naturally in all 3 habitable dimensions: The Overworld, Nether and the End.
  • After Update 1.0, Endermen will drop 0-1 Ender Pearls.
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