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First Appearance

Update 0.2.0

Fence Gates are Fence-like Blocks that were added in Update 0.2.0.



Fence Gates act like Wooden Doors, and thus will open to let the Player through when tapped. They are often used as an entrance to Farms instead of the traditional Wooden Door, as they are the same height as Fences. They open opposite of the direction the Player is facing.


  • When a Player is standing on top of a Fence Gate and they go into 3rd person view (any of the two), they will appear to be floating, though they are actually not. The same happens when a Player stands on a Fence.
  • Before Update 0.10.0, only Oak Wood Fence Gates were available. Acacia, Spruce, Birch, Dark Oak, and Jungle variants were then added.
  • Fence Gates make the same sound as Doors.
  • Since it is a gate, Mobs could pass through when open. But since it's a Fence, mobs, except for Spiders and Horses, cannot jump over it.
  • Nether Brick Fence Gates do not exist, although Nether Brick Fences do.
  • Doubling Fence Gates will allow for horses to pass through them when opened.
  • Fence Gates placed under Water create an Airlock.
  • When the fence gates are attached to Cobblestone Walls, the fence gates will look lower than how they are attached to fences to level with the cobblestone wall.

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