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Fermented Spider Eye
Fermented spider eye
A Fermented Spider Eye




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First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

A Fermented Spider Eye is an Item that was added in Update 0.12.1. It is a key ingredient in Brewing Potions since it can be used to "invert" certain potions. 



  • 1 Fermented Spider Eye + 1-3 Water Bottle = 1-3 Potion of Weakness
  • 1 Fermented Spider Eye + 1-3 Potion of Poison/Healing = 1-3 Potion of Harming
  • 1 Fermented Spider Eye + 1-3 Potion of Speed = 1-3 Potion of Slowness
  • 1 Fermented Spider Eye + 1-3 Potion of Night Vision = 1-3 Potion of Invisibility

As normal in brewing, one ingredient can be enough for three end Potions.


  • Fermented Spider Eyes are not edible, unlike Spider Eyes.

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