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Technical Block

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First Appearance

Update 0.1.0

Fire is an orange textured technical Block that is caused by Lava, or by tapping a block with Flint and Steel. It only remains on flammable blocks, but will eventually consume the Block. An exception to this is Netherrack, as it burns eternally. It was originally added in Update 0.1.0, but was removed in Update 0.3.0 because of a bug. It was re-added in Update 0.7.0.

Dangers of Fire

  1. When in contact with Fire, any Mob or Player (with the exception of Nether Mobs) will take 1/2 a heart of damage.
  2. If the mob/Player stays in the Fire for more than a second, they will be set on fire and will continue to take damage.
  3. Fire is also capable of destroying any flammable item. If any Player/Mob dies when standing in or near Fire, it is likely that their drops would be burnt.
  4. Lava Pools can also set Fire to nearby Trees and can burn down a whole Biome.
  5. Any Items thrown into Fire will get destroyed.
  6. When a burning Mob attacks the Player, it will set the Player on fire.
  7. Burning Skeletons shoot out flaming Arrows as if the Bow were Enchanted with Flame.

Flammable Blocks

Note: Non-flammable blocks can be set on fire, but the Fire will only remains for a short time period.

Obtaining Cooked Meat

Normally when an animal is killed it'll drop raw meat, but if it killed using fire it will drop cooked meat. The various ways of killing an animal using fire are:

  • Pushing or allowing the animal to pass through a Block which is set on Fire.
  • Pushing or allowing the animal to pass through Lava. However, Lava will often also destroy the droppings.
  • Killing the animal with a Flame enchanted Bow.
  • Killing the animal with a Fire Aspect enchanted Sword or weapon.
  • Setting the animal on Fire directly using Flint and Steel.
  • Hitting the animal with a Fire Charge.

Do note that the animal must be on Fire when it dies to get cooked meat droppings.


  • Before Update 0.3.0, once placed, Fire would spread and destroy the entire world. As a result, it was removed. It was re-added in Update 0.7.0 with a texture similar to PC.
  • There was a glitch where the Blacksmith in a Village would burn down because of the Lava in the Blacksmith. This was fixed in Update 0.12.1. However, on a very rare occasion it can still happen.
  • Fire is also an item obtainable by using inventory editors and can be used to Craft Chainmail Armor in the PC version.
  • It emits a light level of 15, like the Sun, Jack O'Lanterns, and Glowstone.
  • When the blocks above are lit with Fire, their time of burning may vary (e.g. Block of Coal lasts longer than Wool).
  • Fire only can be extinguished by Water, attempting to mine it with a Sword, or by placing a block on it.
    • In Creative Mode, however, it can be broken as if it were a normal block.
  • In certain Google Play versions of Minecraft PE, a glitch existed where the Fire animation did not work.
    • This included the burning animation of mobs and Players.
  • Fire can also melt Ice if the fire is near it, though not Packed Ice.
  • In Update 0.14.2, Fire got a new animation and texture.
  • As of Update 0.15.0, when Fire is in the Player's hand, it shows a fire sprite.
    • Before, it would only appear as an orange rectangle.
Light Sources

Sun | Torch | Redstone Torch | Jack O'Lantern | Sea Lantern | Glowstone | Redstone Lamp | Beacons | Fire | Lava | Enchantment Table | End Rod | Nether Portal

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