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Flint & Steel
Flint and Steel
Flint and Steel






No (although it can "place" Fire down)

First Appearance

Update 0.4.0

Flint and Steel is a Tool that is used to generate Fire, ignite TNT and Creepers, and activate Nether Portals.


Flint and Steel has a variety of uses:

  • Set fire to Blocks that are flammable.
  • Be stored in a Dispenser to set fire on the block in front of it.
  • Ignite Creepers and TNT.
  • Activate a Nether Portal frame.
  • Generate a temporary Fire source on top of non-flammable Blocks.


Flint and Steel can be found in Nether Fortress Chests, or it can be crafted.



  • Flint and Steel cannot be Enchanted through an Enchantment Table. However, it can receive the Unbreaking enchantment through the use of an Anvil.
  • Flint and Steel mines Stone faster than hand, as it is an Iron Tool.
  • Flint and Steel was not in Creative Mode before Update 0.8.0 , as the Inventory was not big enough to contain it.
  • During the beta version of Update 0.8.0, Flint and Steel had a durability bar in Creative Mode unlike the other tools.

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