Glass Bottle
Glass Bottle




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First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

Glass Bottles are Items that were added in Update 0.12.1. They are the most basic necessity for the process of Brewing.


Glass Bottles can be obtained by crafting them or, as of Update 0.14.0, a drop from Witches.


  • Glass => 3 Glass Bottles


Glass Bottles function similarly to Buckets, as they can be used to pick up Water from any source to create a Water Bottle. However, this Water can only be placed back inside a Cauldron, making it possible for the Player to pick it up with Buckets or Glass Bottles.

Glass Bottles can also pick up Dragon's Breath so that the Player can add the ingredient in a Brewing Stand in order to make Lingering Potions.


  • Glass Bottles cannot pick up Lava or Milk, unlike Buckets.
  • Unlike Buckets, Glass Bottles do not collect the source Block when picking up Water.
  • Only empty Glass bottles are stackable.
  • One full Glass bottle will fill one third of a cauldron.

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