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Glass Panes
Glass Pane
Glass Pane



Tool Used

Silk Touch Pickaxe


Yes (64)





First Appearance

Update 0.3.2

Glass Panes are Blocks that were added in Update 0.3.2. They can be used as a replacement for Glass, and look more realistic. They have the same features as normal Glass, though they cannot be obtained when broken, and make the same breaking sound.


  • 6 Glass => 16 Glass Panes


  • They behave similar to Iron Bars, but are more transparent.
  • They can be jumped over, similar to Iron Bars, but unlike Fences.
  • A glitch occurs where Glass Panes do not connect to Iron Bars. This was corrected in Update 0.11.0.
  • Glass Panes spawn naturally as windows in some houses inside Villages and End Cities.
  • To obtain the Player must use Tools with the Silk Touch Enchantment.
  • Glass Panes cannot be connected with any non-solid Blocks.
  • Glass Panes create an Airlock when placed under Water.

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