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Glowstone block
A Glowstone Block


Solid Block


Light Level 15


Yes (64)

Tool Used




First Apperance

Update 0.5.0

Glowstone is a decorative Block used for illumination, and was added in Update 0.5.0. It melts Ice and Snow near it, and drops 2-4 Glowstone Dust when broken. It spawns in Glowstone Clusters in the Nether. Glowstone Dust is used in Potions to increase the potion's strength.



  • Before the name was officially confirmed, Glowstone was also called lightstone, brimstone, and australium.
  • When Glowstone is broken, it has the same sound effect as breaking Glass and Ice.
  • Being a solid block, it can provide light underwater, unlike Torches.
    • Also, it emits a light of 15, while torches emit 14.
  • Glowstone emits the same light level as the Sun, Fire, Lava, Jack O'Lanterns and Redstone Lamps.
  • Before Update 0.12.1, Glowstone could be only obtained by the Nether Reactor in the form of Glowstone Dust.
Light Sources

Sun | Torch | Redstone Torch | Jack O'Lantern | Sea Lantern | Glowstone | Redstone Lamp | Beacons | Fire | Lava | Enchantment Table | End Rod

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