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Glowstone block

Glowstone is a decorative block used for illumination. Glowstone is brighter than a torch. Glowstone emits a light level of 15, while a torch emits a light level of 14.


4 Glowstone Dust is required to craft Glowstone. Glowstone dust can be found upon activating the Nether Reactor.

When a glowstone block is broken it makes the same sound as glass or ice when broken. Upon breaking a glowstone block, 2-3 Glowstone Dust will be yielded.


  • Before the name was officially confirmed, glowstone was also called lightstone, brimstone and australium.
  • When you break glowstone, it has the same sound effect as breaking glass and ice.
  • In the PC, Xbox and Playstation versions of minecraft, it is found in the Nether.
  • Glowstone emits the same light level as the Sun.
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