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Glowstone Cluster
150px-Glowstone Cluster
Glowstone Cluster


Generated Structure


The Nether

First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

Glowstone Clusters are naturally Generated Structures in the Nether that were added in Update 0.12.1.


Glowstone Clusters generate all over the Nether on the outside, and should be easily seen if walking around in the Nether.



Glowstone Clusters form in coral-like structures on the underside of Netherrack, so they are often found on the ceilings of the Nether, where they provide luminosity. The structure of a Glowstone Cluster resembles those of Mineral Veins, and they can be somewhat large structures. There is no interior inside the Glowstone Cluster.


There is no loot in this structure, but the Glowstone Clusters is the primary way to obtain Glowstone Dust, with the only other way being killing Witches.


  • Glowstone Clusters can be created artificially by placing Glowstone Blocks in a cluster.
  • To pick up the glowstone as a block, the Player must use a Tool that is Enchanted with Silk Touch.
  • It is incredibly rare for a Nether Portal to spawn on a Glowstone Cluster.
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