Golden Apple
Golden Apple



Hunger Restored

Hunger 20


Yes (64)



First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

Golden Apples are special Food Items that were added in Update 0.12.1.


There are two types of Golden Apples:

  • Regular Golden Apples
  • Enchanted Apples


Both Golden Apples and Enchanted Apples can be Crafted with different Crafting recipes, but in 1.2.0 enchanted apples will have no crafting recipie. Regular Golden Apples have a 100% chance to spawn in an Igloo Chest and rarely in a Dungeon Chest.



Golden Apples

Golden Apples restore 4 Hunger points (Hunger 20) and grant the Player Regeneration II for 5 seconds and 4 Absorption Points. Golden Apples can heal up to HeartHeart hearts of health.

Enchanted Apples

Enchanted Apple

An Enchanted Apple

Enchanted Apples grant Regeneration V for 30 seconds, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes, 20% Resistance, and 4 Absorption Points.


  • Normal Golden Apples can be used to cure Zombie Villagers when used along with a Potion of Weakness.
  • Enchanted Apples can be used to lure Horses, but cannot be used to breed or tame them.
  • Golden Apples and Enchanted Apples are two of the four foods that require Gold to make. The others are Golden Carrots and Glistering Melons.
  • Golden Apples and Enchanted Apples are two of the three foods that can be eaten with a full Hunger bar, the other being the Chorus Fruit.
  • Before Update 1.1, the Enchanted Apple was referred to as Enchanted Golden Apple, and was referred to as Golden Apple in the Creative Inventory.
  • As of Update 1.2, the Enchanted Apple can be used to craft the Mojang logo pattern on a Banner.
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