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Diamond Helmet
A Diamond Helmet





First Appearance

Update 0.6.0

Helmet is a piece of Armor that covers the head of the Player


There are 5 types of helmets, with varying strength:

Each armor shield/point requires 2 Defense Points.


Helmets can be Crafted from 5 ingots/pieces using a Crafting Table. Iron Helmets can be found in Village Blacksmith Chests. Helmets can also be dropped from Zombies or Skeletons.


  • Helmets were added in Update 0.6.0.
  • Helmets protect Zombie and Skeletons from burning in daytime, but the helmet will lose durability over time in the Sun, and eventually may be destroyed, leaving the Mob vulnerable to sunlight.
  • After Update 0.12.1 helmets and other types of armor can now be enchanted.
  • Leather helmets are called Caps, and can be dyed like other pieces of Leather Armor.
45px-Armor.svg Armor 45px-Armor.svg

Helmet | Chestplate | Leggings | Boots

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