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Herobrine is an urban legend in minecraft. He is CONFIRMED FAKE BY NOTCH.[1] His body is similar to the player's except for the empty, white and glowing eyes.


Many videos feature him as "The strange person", making minecraft horror movies featuring him. Although he is not real, he can be obtained by mods. Users in multiplayer can also prank another user by dressing as Herobrine. There have also been many reported sightings saying that he spawns around the nether reactor core in the pocket edition, which is NOT true.


It has been officially confirmed that Herobrine is NOT in computer minecraft. The link is here: Click this]


  • In several Minecraft PC updates there is a line saying "-Removed Herobrine", but this is just to toy with the community.
  • It is possible to obtain a Herobrine skin on PC, which is most probably how the legend started.
  • He is said to be the dead brother of Notch, but Notch has stated that he has no dead brother.
  • Herobrine is said to drop potions and maps in the PC version.
  • Herobrine is the most famous Minecraft creepypasta.
  • Herobrine's famous line is "I am always watching you."


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