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Ink Sacs
Ink Sack
Ink Sacs





First Appearance

Update 0.8.0

Ink Sacs are a type of Dye added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in Update 0.8.0. However, it was unobtainable in Survival Mode until Update 0.9.0.


Ink Sacs can be obtained by killing Squids and are dropped in quantities of 0-3. They can also be found in Dungeon and Village Chests. As of Update 0.11.0, Ink Sacs can be obtained through Fishing. However, they are a rare catch.


  • 1 Ink Sac + 1 Bone Meal => 2 Gray Dye
  • 1 Ink Sac + 1 Wool => 1 Black Wool


  • Before Update 0.9.0, Ink Sacs were only obtainable in survival using a common glitch involving Bows.
  • Ink Sacs had a slightly different texture during the 0.8.0 update.

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