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This feature is Inventory Editing Only
This feature is in the game, but can currently only be accessed through Inventory Editing.

Barrier/Invisible Bedrock







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Invisible Bedrock or Barrier is an invisible, indestructible Block which surrounds all Old Worlds. It is only obtainable by Inventory Editing.


When placed, it can be seen through; however, it cannot be walked through or destroyed by hand, even in Creative Mode. This means it can only be destroyed using Commands.


  • Projectiles, such as Arrows or Snowballs can pass through Invisible Bedrock but will never hit anything.
  • If the Player goes high enough in an Old World, the Player would be able to walk on a layer of Invisible Bedrock in a dimension dubbed The Cloudland. However, building on top of this is not possible, because of the world height limit (256 blocks).
  • If the Player spawns Mobs from Spawn Eggs in the Invisible Bedrock they will suffocate.
  • In the Lite version, hitting this block will give off rock particles, even though this block is meant to be invisible.
  • If the Player falls on Invisible Bedrock/Barrier from 4 blocks or higher it will give off Stone particles.
  • If the Player spawns mobs on a tower of blocks built to the world height limit, and pushes them onto the Barrier, they will disappear.
  • After Update 0.9.0, Ladders and Fences will no longer connect to Invisible Bedrock.
Inventory Editing

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