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  • Iron Boots - Iron variant of the Boots.
  • Iron Chestplate - Iron variant of the Chestplate.
  • Iron Leggings - Iron variant of the Leggings.
  • Iron Helmet - Iron variant of the Helmet.

Note: There aren't specific pages for the Iron Armor, so link goes to generic.


  • Iron Block - Crafted from 9 iron ingots and used for decoration and to craft Anvils.
  • Iron Ore - Block that can be smelted into an Iron Ingot. Found with a moderate rarity inside caves.
  • Iron Door - Door made of iron. Can only be opened using a power source.
  • Iron Bars - Decorational items used to lock mobs out, mostly.
  • Iron Trapdoor - A door that serves as a trap.


Please see Iron/Gallery.

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