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Jack O'Lantern
A Jack O' Lantern

Type of Block

Solid Block

Tool used







Yes (15)


Yes (64)

First Appearance

Update 0.8.0

Jack O'Lanterns are illuminated versions of Pumpkins that provide a light level of 15. They were added in Update 0.8.0


  • 1 Torch + 1 Pumpkin => 1 Jack O 'Lantern.


  • Jack O'Lanterns have higher luminosity than Torches.
    • They can also be placed underwater, unlike Torches.
  • Jack O'Lanterns emit the same light level as the Sun, Fire, Lava, Glowstone and Redstone Lamps.
  • Jack O'Lanterns must be placed on top of another Block.
    • However, the Blocks can be safely removed from underneath the Lantern without breaking it.
  • Jack O'Lanterns can be used as a cheaper replacement for Glowstone, as it does not require going to the Nether.
  • Jack O'Lanterns can also be used to create Iron Golems, replacing the pumpkins that would normally serve as the head.
  • Version Exclusive: The head of a Snow Golem can be a Jack O' Lantern instead of a Pumpkin.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns emit light from all sides, even though they only have one face through which light can pass.
  • Bug: In Update 0.8.1, Jack O'Lanterns were indestructible in Creative Mode.
Light Sources

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