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Pocket Realms



Johan Bernhardsson is a Mojang AB employee and a Game Developer who formerly worked as the Lead Developer for Minecraft Pocket Edition.


As a youngster, Johan was interested in IT, and hence taught himself to program. Before joining Mojang, Bernhardsson worked as a Half-Life 2 modder, a minigame developer and a software engineer. He also developed a action real-time strategy game Bloodline Champions, which became a minor electronic sports title.

Game Development

Johan worked extensively during his time with Mojang, even working a whole year on the game all by himself. He was credited for the creating of Pocket Realms and many other important and major features.

Jeb announced on September 3rd, 2015 that Johan would be leaving Mojang, and a week later, Johan announced on Twitter he would had finished his last day there.


  • After Mojang, Johan set up his own game studio, Midnight Hub.
    • In his own studio, he is also developing a horror game, Midnight Ridden.

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