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Lava is a liquid like Water, however it has slightly different physics. It only spawns rarely on certain seeds, the most popular one being "nyan". Lava can only be placed using a Bucket, or by inventory hacking. Lava was nerfed in Alpha 0.3.3 due to a major fire bug, that would destroy the entire world. Lava would not create fire in updates after Alpha 0.3.3, until Alpha 0.7.0, where fire made a return. Lava in updates prior to Alpha 0.7.0 used the texture from the texture pack, a very  boring, unappealing, unanimated texture. In 0.9.0, Lava was given a dripping particle effect when near. In the 0.9.0 update, lava spawns in caves and sometimes on the surface in forms of Lava Pools bordered with stone, making them easy to detect.

After Alpha 0.7.0, lava began to use the same texture as in Minecraft PC/Mac and Console versions. When flowing lava touches flowing Water, Cobblestone can be infinitely created and mined. If lava touches the top of water, smooth stone is created. When Stationary Lava touches flowing Water, or vice-versa, Obsidian is created.


Lava as seen pre-0.7.0

When the player touches Lava he will start to take 2 hearts of damage every second. The player will also get the fire animation on the screen, obstructing his view, indicating he is on fire. Mobs touching lava will get the same affect. Before the 0.7.0 update, players caught in lava will have a red spot obstructing his view. Mobs don't have the fire animation but still take damage.

It is recommended that players carry at least one bucket of water with them when planning to mine where lava is found in order to combat the dangers of lava. Quick placing of the water can prevent you from dying.


  • The Lava in Minecraft: Pocket Edition used to render the texture directly from the texture pack, rather than filtering the texture from the resources file and calculating the animation in the texture pack. It now does this correctly since Alpha 0.7.0, as PC does for lava, water, fire, and nether portal block.
  • If a block is placed onto a Lava source block, it will destroy the lava source and it will dissapate. This is also true for Water.

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