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First Appearance

Update 0.6.0

Leather is an Item introduced in Update 0.6.0.


Leather can be dropped in quantities of 0 to 2 when Cows or Horses are killed. Rabbits drop Rabbit Hide, which is used to Craft Leather. It can also be obtained while Fishing.


  • 5 Leather => Leather Cap
  • 8 Leather => Leather Tunic
  • 7 Leather => Leather Pants
  • 4 Leather => Leather Boots
  • 3 Paper + 1 Leather => 1 Book After Update 0.12.1
  • 4 Rabbit Hide => 1 Leather 
  • 1 Leather + 8 Sticks => 1 Item Frame
  • 7 Leather => 1 Leather Horse Armor


Leather is used to Craft various items such as Leather Armor, Books and Item Frames. After Update 1.0, Leather is used to repair Broken Elytras. It can also be sold to Villagers for Emeralds.


  • Until Update 0.12.1, Books did not require Leather to Craft.
  • The Leather Armor pieces are named differently than those made out of Iron, Gold, and Diamond. (Pants, Cap, Tunic, vs. Leggings, Helmet, Chestplate respectively)
    • The only piece without a different name are Boots.
  • Leather Armor has more durability than Gold Armor, but gives fewer defense points.
  • The Achievement Cow Tipper is earned by picking up Leather. Any method can be used.

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