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A Stronghold Library


Generated Structure


Stronghold library: Underground. Village Library: Land based biomes.

First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

Libraries are Generated Structures found in Strongholds and Villages that were added in Update 0.9.0.

Stronghold Libraries

A Stronghold Library contains Bookshelves, Cobwebs, and a chandelier made of Birch Fences and Torches. Chests spawn on top of some Bookshelves containing PaperBooks, and rarely Enchanted Books. The Library has a Ladder leading to a floor with more Bookshelves.

See Loot of Stronghold Library for the Loot Table of a Stronghold Library.

Village Libraries

A Village Library has 10 overall Bookshelves in one Library. Under it are Oak Stairs and brown Carpet tables. And in the far end of the Library is one Crafting Table. One or two Village Librarians usually spawn inside the Library.

There are no Chests, and therefore no related loot table to a Village Library.


  • There are usually one or two Libraries in a Stronghold.
  • Before Update 0.10.0, the chandelier in the Stronghold Library used Oak Wood Fences instead of Birch.
  • A glitch sometimes happens when the Ladder in the Stronghold Library is not attached to any Blocks. This can happen due to Caves or other structures overwriting the Stronghold's generation.
  • Libraries are a good source for Books and Paper as you can find them in the Chests and breaking a Bookshelf will give the Player three Books.
    • It can also be a source of Bookshelves as breaking it with a Tool Enchanted with Silk Touch will yield the Block.
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